Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Has A Costume Based On Final Fantasy VI

Key Square Enix designers talked costumes in a recent interview on Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, and made a surprising revelation.

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Snookies121579d ago

Why is she getting a lot of guy outfits? First Cloud, now Locke?

hay1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

Watch it, it might be the best part of the milkage *cough* game.
Not saying it will suck, but I personally "disliked" the XIII direction. Especially when it butchered Fabula Nova Crystalis to XIII only, excluding Agito, delaying... Versus XV. I still consider it as Square promised, yet didn't deliver.

Kalebninja1577d ago

she has yuna and aerith's outfit as well and some catgirl outfit from 14

Kalebninja1578d ago

thats only two...she has over a hundred

Snookies121578d ago

I'm asking about fan service clothing though. From past entries. Not new costumes for XIII-3.

Lovable1578d ago

Fan service. Can't seriously wait for this game. The only game that will take me out of FF 14 at this point

Summons751578d ago

Probably because they want to avoid the 'your sexist comments', not that Terra or Celes' costumes are over revealing you know people will still complain and whine.

Snookies121578d ago

I dunno man (I didn't disagree by the way :])

There's nothing sexist about putting her in female character's clothes from past entries. She's a girl. I'm a guy, I don't wear dresses or skirts. (Unless it's a kilt, you have to be a manly irish man to wear one of those lol!)

Snookies121578d ago

No, I get fan service, but I think people are missing my point... Why isn't she getting FEMALE character costumes from older games? Like Tifa's for VII, or Rydia for VI?

TheOtherVitaOwner1578d ago

She's got Tifa's costume from X.

Snookies121578d ago

@TheOtherVitaOwner - Ah yeah, Yuna's from X... Completely forgot about that... Well, that's at least one. :]

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Summons751578d ago

Locke's costume isn't exactly breaking news, it was in an old trailer.....still sweet non the less

DEATHxTHExKIDx1578d ago

But where is the Squall outfit I begged for?!

kalkano1578d ago

Unless it has Final Fantasy 6 gameplay (and we know it doesn't), then I don't care.

Chrono1578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

Not just Locke, she has a Faris (FF6) costume as well.