Benjamin "DeMusliM" Baker Believes StarCraft II Is More Challenging Than League Of Legends

Benjamin “DeMusliM” Baker has been playing games professionally since the age of 15 in the United Kingdom. The former WarCraft III player burst onto the scene in 2005, taking first place at the World Cyber Games. He eventually moved to StarCraft II and focused on the Terran race. In 2011, Baker joined Team Evil Geniuses and lives at their Gaming House. At the World Championship Series Finals at BlizzCon 2013, Baker took some time to talk about eSports and explains what it takes to compete at the top level today in this exclusive interview.

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jagiii1733d ago

Love the rivalry between eSports games.

JsonHenry1733d ago

I would have to agree. Controlling one character is much easier than controlling hundreds of units and managing an economy.

Wni01733d ago

SC2 has no skill ceiling, LoL on the other hand...

Stick891733d ago

I've played and hate both games equally (they just aren't for me) but I must say Starcraft is easily the more challenging of the two, it's not even a contest.

Chrischi19881733d ago

I played both and love both, but Starcraft is definitely the more complex and challenging game. You can play both to an extend, what normal gamers wouldnt call gaming anymore, but the RTS part of Starcraft just makes it harder.