Xbox One REVIEW! Adam Sessler Reviews

Our second new console in as many weeks is almost here. Microsoft has had a bumpy ride towards the launch of the Xbox One, but now that it's here, how does it stack up? Is the operating system and live TV a game changer, and does the new Kinect solve the problems of its predecessor? Or is it a box with too many ideas, crumbling under the weight of its ambition?
Watch Adam Sessler's review to find out!

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gamesR4fun1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

nice a review from the most beloved and unbiased game 'journalist' of all times....

edit yes that was sarcasm lol

still pretty good review here's hoping ms has a solid problem free launch and no doubt updates will fix a lot of gui issues outside of kinect voice comands

4Sh0w1461d ago

Good Review, basically the theme so far seems to be its really good when it works but its not perfect/needs more work. Games however are great. He also said something I just commented about is that Kinect functionality will be much better depending on how much time you invest in learning how to use it, as evident in the video when the guy purposely used bad commands then the correct commands.

theBAWSE1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

sessler, polygon and Engadget.. never trust when it comes to Microsoft

Studio-YaMi1461d ago

I actually think his review is mostly fair,sure he didn't address the lesser specs as much,but all in all,he was pretty fair about everything else.

Have fun with your XboxOne in two days Xbox fans,I might get one down the road as well.

Insomnia_841461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )


Don't forget the /s or you're going to get hammered. ....wait, you are not being serious, are you????? O_O


Oh ok lol

gamesR4fun1461d ago

well I may still loose a bub or two but if anyone gets a lol it's worth it

like i say games are for fun and i'd rather laugh at the fanbois than take it seriously

a08andan1461d ago

By getting hammered I assume you mean something like this?

AngelicIceDiamond1461d ago

Seems like a legit review to me.

3-4-51461d ago

the ui looks so messy. Not a fan of that or voice command. I still need to try both the xb1 & PS4 controller before I decide

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Games_R_Us1461d ago

Nice Adam. Always liked your style even if people complain. Folk be accepting and accept others analysis. But I also say gamers make your own choices and don't rely on others to tell u what to buy.

admiralvic1461d ago

People complained about legitimate concerns and questioned his ability to analyze things. Like, the name of a trophy (especially one that wasn't even that sexist or edgy) is not the type of thing I would devote any time to in a review and would hope this goes for anyone else. Yet Adam Sessler thought it was worth talking about and lead to a huge fiasco. One where everyone besides himself, pretty much agreed he was in the wrong. Lets also not forget about his sulking over not getting a console early. When you feel the need to make others aware you're not thrilled, then you instantly lose your creditability as a journalist. I mean, who is going to trust the guy that cries Sony or M$ didn't give them a free system early because they were so great? That is the type of thing that points to bias and these are legitimate and understandable reasons why Sessler is disliked and complained about.

DOMination-1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

Sony changed it.

Pretty drastic if like you say (wrongly) that only AS thought that trophy was inappropriate.

This review is good. The consensus is that its amazing but buggy. Once its patched up it'll be incredible.

christocolus1461d ago

Yeah i like the guy alot of his videos from gaming events and all....he seems to love what he does and he has great passion for gaming.

devwan1461d ago

and if his wallet gets all that fatter when he simply indulges his passion, that's great too, right?


MRMagoo1231461d ago Show
MASTER_RAIDEN1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

shut up sessler you ruined SSF4 at eve 2010 (youtube it). your opinion is invalid.

Avernus1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

"And by some accounts, a less powerful spec"

I stopped listening after that. "some accounts"???? I didn't realize facts were consider as "some accounts".

Edit: I took a breath, and watched the remainder of the video. Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

admiralvic1461d ago

By some accounts is an idiom and basically means according to some reports. Since journalists are expected to remain somewhat neutral, it would seem weird if he outright stated "though it's weaker than the PlayStation 4", even if it is true (not saying it is). So instead of making an edgy comment, he basically acknowledges it by getting the information out there.

LeCreuset1461d ago

Neutrality lies with the truth. To stray away from the truth is to display bias in favor of that which is unfavored by the truth. I don't know why journalists have such a hard time understanding that.

For example, if Adam Sessler makes a conscious attempt to avoid saying the Xbox has weaker specs, in the interest of appearing neutral, he is engaging in bias which favors Xbox by nullifying its disadvantage in that area. He may not go so far as to say that Xbox is more powerful, but such bias does attempt to weaken, or negate, an advantage the PS4 has over Xbox.

Neutrality does not lie with false equivalency. Neutrality lies with the truth, whatever it may be.

devwan1461d ago

@LeCreuset Well said, ++

MorePowerOfGreen1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

Think he was talking about just one aspect of hardware for gaming(GPU shaders).

XB1 actually has more RAM bandwidth 204GB/s , faster CPU 1.75Ghz, over 16 gigs of various memory(RAM/FLASH/ESRAM), Hyper_visor, Move engines and uses Direct3D 11.2 superset, making all the XB1 magic happen as a platform.

Just because you think devs can get prettier graphics out of PS4 due to a few more CUs doesn't mean that PS4 is more powerful. PS4 would choke trying to do the things XB1 does overall. XB1 is more powerful.

Sound like you misunderstood "And by some accounts" I don't think Adam is saying *some devs* are saying XB1 is more powerful in the gaming department, He's saying they both have their strengths(even in the gaming department)

Adam has said the PS4 is more powerful many of times, sounds like he's more educated on the XB1 hardware now.

MainstreamGamer1461d ago

Do you even believe half of the nonsense that you just typed? Keep sticking your fingers in your ear, and keep your head in the sand.

RiPPn1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

I've seen your posts and know your a staunch fanboy, but wow. 16gb of RAM, faster CPU (unconfirmed), etc..? Do you still believe there is a dgpu?

You should really temper your expectations as you're setting yourself up for a generation of disappointment. Here is one thing you will never hear this generation, "the xbox one is more powerful than the PS4." Some games may have parity, but for the most part multiplats on the PS4 will outperform their Xbox One sibling.

Nicaragua1461d ago

By some accounts that's the biggest load of crap I have ever read

DoesUs1461d ago

Clueless, truly clueless. So you added all the abailable bandwidth up but failed to mention that you can only use so much of it? On average you can achieve 130/140 but have to run through hoops, PS4 on the other hand has it all available hoops. Far superior GPU and mem setup. Love it. But hey, whatever comforts you dude.

clouds51461d ago

How dare you say a system is more powerful than the mighty PS4 on N4G.
They will burn you.

(i know it's ridiculous...)

Jilokle1461d ago

I believe you are MisterFAKEmedia. I don't think that the same amount of bullshit can come from two different persons.

pyramidshead1461d ago

spoken like a truth Misterxmedian.

Can't wait for the hardware breakdown ;). Will be viewing his site as his house of cards finally falls.

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Hicken1461d ago

How bad was it? "By some accounts," Sessler needs to be tarred and feathered. I'm inclined to agree with these accounts.

RiPPn1461d ago

Maybe he's not referring to specs, but the all around package like the network and OS.

Either way I've been a harsh critic of Sess since e3 and his bias toward Microsoft, but I thought this review was very fair.

Deltaohio1461d ago

U do know the PS4 has less powerful specs.....compared to the PC. So why bother?

PC master race FTW

Lol jking let's try not to get our panties in a bunch

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landhuman1461d ago

For the love of god.. all of you.. PLEASE stop dropping a sarcastic comment and then SPECIFYING it as such with "/s" or "that was sarcastic!".

What's the point? If you wanna be sarcastic then bite the bullet and do it properly! If people don't get it, who cares? (hint: if the answer is you, then maybe it's just a bad idea).

It's like saying a joke and then repeatedly shouting the punchline over and over again.

btw, I love sarcastic comments because they're super awesome and funny!

lobocob1461d ago

this person is a great person, but unfortunately the community here doesn't really appreciate that kinda of thing. neither do the mods, who appear to just be community people that just so happen to threaten you with a ban if you do these things. i could not possibly agree with you more.

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