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Now that we’ve been testing the Xbox One in beta for the past few days, Microsoft is pulling the curtains back on press reviews of the next-gen console. The software we’ve been using is near final, though some of the issues we encountered are likely to be addressed with some last-minute polishing.

We came away impressed from our time with the console, and it helps that our experience stands in marked contrast to the severe technical woes we had with the PlayStation 4. While we encountered several issues during our testing, Microsoft has, for the most part, fulfilled its goal of creating an all-in-one entertainment system.

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starscream4201732d ago

All in one entertainment system...... I think Microsoft made a very good move here.I think alot of people will be attracted to its functionality. There is some who would prefer only to have a game machine but, I think the Ones strategy is a good longterm move.