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In the tech world, eight years is eons. In eight years, we've seen the rise of the iPhone and Google's Android OS, the creation of Twitter, and gaming's tremendous growth on Facebook and mobile. Eight years is how long Microsoft sailed on the success of its Xbox 360 console, and only now has a successor risen.

After the huge appeal of the Xbox 360, the Xbox One stands a chance at being just as widely accepted, thanks to the company's vision of an entertainment-unified living room. Microsoft's next-generation console, out Nov. 22 in 13 regions, pushes the envelope to offer an entertainment and gaming experience suited to all types.

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4Sh0w1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

Good stuff, love the insight on the X1. It seems that the general consensus is its a great console but with some flaws out of the gate, future is bright= expected. lol, Sort of dissapointing no super sensational headlines like "X1 will cook you breakfast" or "What a piece of garbage micro made to spy on me".

FlyingFoxy1848d ago

Does not seem so impressive IMO, i'm more impressed by Mario 3D World tbh.. looks like a great game art & graphics wise, plus a nice fun party game.

Wii U is definitely picking up steam for some great games.

Rocky51848d ago

"No clear standout launch title"

Oo - Ryse would a good start just based off its graphics, or its setting. Since there are no other games released like it Next Gen.

Dead Rising 3 is another, again nothing like on Next Gen.

Kingthrash3601848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

lol have fun with ryse and dr3! our opinions differ but,
awsome to thos who like those kind of games.
now that reviews are saying "no standout games" for both consoles, i hope we can get back to enjoying games...this bs war seems to have gone on forever...ffffuuuuu reviews, enjoy games.

Rocky51848d ago

I was only merely stating that both these can be classed under "standout" since there's the only ones of that type on next gen.

If something original or totally different from everything else isn't classed as standout then I don't know what is.

Kingthrash3601848d ago

bro calm i didnt judge what u said man...i read your comment any replied, respectfully. your gaming choices are yoursman imma gamer not a fanny. im a ps4 gamer at that but if your going with x1 then by all means do so.
im personally done with this war bs...i understand people will continue the cycle of this is better than that but by now luanch buying gamers have made their choices. both have good and bad i choosed what i wanted in gaming as did you so no argument here homie im into gaming...ffffuuuu the warr its over already.

Orbilator1848d ago

again another review thats says its a great console, which i quiet believe,
however another review that says its a great all in one media centre, which is great, it even says its easy to use for non gamers !!!!
Why would anybody buy it if they were a non gamer $500 dollars for a PVR box ? really I can buy a small box from ebay that give me losts of services on my tv for $50. I just want a review as a gaming machine before i part with my cash, If anything the reviewer said there arent any stand out games at launch ( same as most console launches) but they are then telling us that it will change the way we play in the future, so whats the reason for me to pick it over ps4 ? Why would i wanna buy it now? none of those questions have been answered. Seems to me a few reviewers are running scared of microsoft and not really spending much time reviewing as a games machine. You can tell me its not a games machine all you want but in reality thats why most people are buying it right ?

Volkama1848d ago

Some gamers are lucky enough to have families.

paul-p19881848d ago

Apparently it stutters when receiving achievements? I'm a big Sony fan but i loved how seamless and quick the achievements popped up on the 360, the PS3 trophies took a little while to register but the 360 was immediate.

And the 360 controller being the best is just opinion, i think the PS2 controller was the best for me, but the N64's was best overall.