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Everything about Microsoft's new game console, its first in eight years, is designed to make you do as little as possible. That means running multiple apps at the same time, a "snap" function to plop stuff on-screen into a picture-in-picture style, and--eek--a reliance on voice controls.

Should you buy this? No. Wait. You don't need something to hook up through your TV right now, unless it has games to accompany it, and the Xbox One, as cool as some of its features are, has a dearth of games. You can wait. How long? That's up to you: whenever there's a sum of games that make it worthwhile to you, go for it.

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MakiManPR1827d ago

"Should You Buy This?

No. Wait. You don't need something to hook up through your TV right now, unless it has games to accompany it, and the Xbox One, as cool as some of its features are, has a dearth of games."

JeffGUNZ1827d ago

It's launch lineup is much more impressive then Sony's to be fair. To me personally, nothing stands out for me to warrant buying EITHER console at this point.

1827d ago
JeffGUNZ1827d ago

True, they both are "average" at best, but Forza is a great game if you're into racing, unfortunately I am not lol.

GrizzliS19871827d ago

funny youre not including mutliplats in your comment, considering they all look and run better on the ps4. People buy consoles to play COD, FIFA, 2K, AC series, NFS as well you know -.- and all those games are well worth the purchase of the system to keep you entertained for at least 3 months.

XxGOWxX1827d ago

I think MS really needed a halo and kinect game to show off. Something to give the halo followers the incentive to get in early. Maybe even if they could get out titanfall as a demo at launch it could have helped.

For me PS4 didnt have one launch game that appealed to me, but the XBO has 2 i really want and a few that i will grab later on.

dedicatedtogamers1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

Depends on what you consider "impressive".

At retail, XBox One has more games. More. More impressive? That's up to you. PS4 does have the superior version of multiplats, and for the longest time (*cough*360*cough*) best multiplats was ALL that mattered to a lot of people. Surely, surely I am not the only one who remembers this type of conversation:

Gamer: "But there are hardly any new exclusives coming out for 360"

360 Owner: "Who cares? The biggest games of this year like CoD, Skyrim, etc etc are the ones I want to play"

Soooooo, where are those people now that PS4 has superior multiplats? Has that mentality magically vanished?

But behind the scenes, once you get the systems hooked up and you see what is available as an indie download and free-to-play games? PS4 blows XBox One out of the water, no contest. Several great FTP games and several more to come soon.

Insomnia_841827d ago

Are you not reading the reviews??? Even Forza is being hot by 7/10s left and right. And wait until the Rice reviews come up!

harrisk9541827d ago

Launch lineup means nothing because in a month or so, you are going to have to buy more games and I'd rather hitch my wagon to Sony which has a roster of great developers (first and second party) and simply has a history of churning out high quality after high quality titles. MS has taken a different tact historically of buying timed-exclusives and not spending money to develop from within. This generation does not look to be any different.

JeffGUNZ1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

@ Insomnia

Yes, I am. A lot of 8's and 9's too. Metacritic has it at 82 right now.

@ Grizzli

We were discussing exclusives to buy the system. I can buy COD Ghosts, AC, BF4 and watchdogs on the PS3 or 360 as well. I am pointing out only Xbox One or PS4 games.

Hicken1825d ago

"We were discussing exclusives to buy the system."

Who said that? Not once in all these comments were exclusives mentioned. People simply talked about the games.

And if marginally better multiplats was an excuse for you Xbox boys this gen, you damn well better believe that significantly better multiplats will be an excuse this generation.

No moving the goalposts.

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Gridloc1827d ago

After watching IGN's 20 min review in progress shows me more work needs to be done to justify a purchase at this time. Not taking anything away, some features are really cool. They just don't work first time , every time. If you dont plan on hooking up Kinect I don't see many people enjoying their experience...

bennyace1827d ago

I'm really trying get hyped for Sony and Microsoft's offering... Nothing interesting that you can't get on PS3 or Xbox 360 at this point. I don't get the "excitement" of next gen consoles people are getting right now... Think I'll wait next year, maybe by spingtime something worthwhile will have come out... I'm not willing to pay $400-$500 for a console to play games I can play on consoles I already own.

Goku7811827d ago

That's what I've been saying. Maybe one day, but definitely not this year.

hades071827d ago

This came off as a poorly written review, especially compared to more in-depth reviews like Joystiq and IGN did with both new systems.