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The success of the Xbox One is largely dependent on what you need for the living room, and whether you intend to use the system for multiple forms of media, with multiple people in mind. The user interface feels cluttered at times, and it has a definite learning curve, but it's also easy to carve out a quick and comfortable groove for yourself as you jump between a game and a few different applications. The Xbox One's app-driven interface is full of possibilities, living alongside quirks to be learned or updated in future.

It has unique, recommendable features: Kinect feels additive rather than obstructive, and its strong suit of software and games live alongside one another in a way they don't on other platforms. Online games are well implemented too, and if that's what you're here for the rest may seem less valuable – an important matter when the product costs $500. Five bucks more if you count a Galaxy Quest rental.

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MakiManPR1771d ago

"The success of the Xbox One is largely dependent on what you need for the living room"

Dehnus1771d ago

No you want games. There is a difference. Did your mother never tell you that?

"You aren't hungry, you are feeling peckish. People in Africa feel hungry" when you complain about not getting candy.:D

4Sh0w1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Riderz me too and looking at the launch lineup X1 it seems has that covered very well.

FanboyKilla1771d ago

Well you are in luck, because x1 has the better games at launch. Compared to its comp. Im gonna judge them for whats right now. Sony wont give me a ps4 for free, so i wont give them 400 for nothing. Knack wtf, killzone lol. You think im going into next gen to play resogun, and f*c*ing flower? Lmao The ps4's best game is on ps3. Flower lol lol. Bbbbbut uncharted, bbbbbut infamous, yeah i like them too, but who knows how long ill have to wait for them just to play them for a week. Infamous multiplayer? Uncharted multiplayer meh. Naughty Dog please add new mechanics, climb up, climb down, climb back up, eject out my ps4.

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DarthZoolu1771d ago

I want it just because voice control for everything is fancy. I have a PC and a Wii U, So hardcore and causal are taken care of. Pulls I see potential in Kinect, small features like controllers going into low power mode when you put it down are what tech improvements are about. Cant wait for a real star wars kinect.

Hicken1771d ago

Thing is: don't many other devices already do what the XB1 does, if not better? There are voice and motion-controlled smart TVs that aren't gonna cost an additional $500... cuz you've already got the TV. It's not a standalone cable box, but more like a peripheral in that capacity, and most of what it does, the TV or cable box you need can and will already do. On the gaming side, I have no doubt it will be trumped by the PS4.

Probably the best feature you won't be able to find anywhere else is the snap feature, but I doubt that alone is enough to entice many objective, prospective buyers into taking one home.

JackISbacK1771d ago

i need
best exclusives + best features + best sevices + next gen graphics(most focus on effects and art) + best experience = best console and i belive xb1 and ps4 will equaly provide it ,truly said we dont know but kinect is looking like a future stuff.

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TheKingWilliamV1771d ago


LMFAO bubble up sir bubble up

silkrevolver1771d ago

I agree (obviously not from experience, but from perception) that the One is good for many things. They aren't really things I care about, so I went with the PS4. If you go with the One, that's cool too. They're comparable enough as game consoles.

Their launch lineups are also of equal quality (I'd say) but I'm ultimately buying potential.

Both have it, but only the PS4 has Naughty Dog and Media Molecule and Santa Monica, etc, etc.

That's where I stand.

LAYLOW1771d ago

Another GREAT REVIEW !! XBOX ONE seems to be the clear cut favorite at launch .

Orbilator1771d ago

clear cut ? sorry, what article were you reading ?
I'm not trolling but hw did you come to that conclusion ??

LAYLOW1771d ago

U my friend are trolling btw i came to that conclusion by reading all the current reviews and some sites have the systems evenly scored while others have the ONE ahead by a hair ,no matter it really is up to the individuals preference at launch ,most true gamers will have both within the next couple years when some of the great games drop....btw picking up MARIO 3D on friday along with my Box because I LOVE GAMES!!!

Orbilator1771d ago

No i believe it is you that is trolling, I have read all current reviews to and most say the tech is great but most of the features are only usefull if you can use/need them. Or a work in progress. I have no cable in my area so thats a lot of features out for a start.

You know a non trolling reply would have told me why you think its YOUR clear cut favorite and not make the statement that its everybodys clear cut statement when it clearly is not. as the disagrees on your comment show

LAYLOW1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Read my comment troll i never said "everyones clear cut fav" i said seems to be "THE" clear cut ,so dont sit his and misconscrue my top comment because you felt that somehow your opinion is better than mine ,not my fault you live in the boonies and cant take advantage of the cable feature ( i dont even care about at this moment),the disagree's show because as you well know most individuals on this site are anti-XBOX and feel the need to downvote anything thats positive about the competition......PS4 droped almost a week ago ,dont you have KNACK to go play or flying around like a rose peddle to look forward to ....awwww so tranquil and harmonious .

Insomnia_841771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

As I read reviews, I feel they are reviewing something else and NOT A VIDEO GAMES console.

Hicken1771d ago

That's exactly what they're doing. Because that's exactly what they're reviewing.

Orbilator1771d ago

excactly the point i was making above, sure its looks like an awesome box of tricks,
but if your not using or need a lot of its features then you have to review it as a games machine,
coz thats what most people are looking for right ? we are all gamers right ?

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