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Should you buy an Xbox One?

Not just yet. The launch lineup isn't strong enough to justify picking one up just yet, and most of the games worth buying are available by other means. That said, the games paint a great picture of what the system can do. Despite being slightly less powerful than the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One is capable of greatness--we're seeing massive worlds in Dead Rising, incredibly detailed environments in Ryse, and stellar online play in everything that lets us use Xbox Live. The Kinect functionality is astonishing when it works, too, and we're hoping that future updates will eradicate the "when it works" caveat. If you want to get the system, and need an excuse, go ahead and pick it up at your earliest convenience and you'll find plenty to enjoy. But if you want to wait, you can do so guilt-free until some bigger exclusives drop.

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Fasttrack761821d ago

I've paid for both, so win win for me. But yeah i hope everyone enjoys whatever console they buy

Nintenja1821d ago

Battlefield 4 and Forza 5 with all my console friends is reason enough for me.

CEOSteveBallmer1821d ago

Would someone tell me why gaming sites don't post their review score for xbone? but the PS4 reviews has score in it mostly 7's and above. quite unfair if you ask me or am i missing something?? so has MS told these guys not to release the score yet until launch day??

blackstrr4111821d ago

Polygon gave it an 8. That's the most credible gaming site imo

strickers1821d ago

Where is the /s at the end of that statement? Or the " if you like Xboxes above all else".

Popoffboy1877181821d ago

I know , no scores for Xbox one but scores forps4? People are going be piss on Friday. Same ol kinect . To many problems every thing a read thus far for the bone is buggy

blackstrr4111821d ago

Well I think u read only 3. Don't hate. Enjoy greatness

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