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The other shoe has dropped. And the game is truly on.

Friday marks the launch of Microsoft’s Xbox One, the company’s next-generation successor to the Xbox 360 video game console. This comes one week to the day after Sony unleashed its own PlayStation 4 upon the world, kicking off a brand new battle in the console wars.

It’s impossible to pass judgment on a new game console at launch, especially when we look back at how much the Xbox 360 has evolved over the eight years it’s been available. Xbox One has some big ideas and big ambitions, and is introducing some intriguing new connected experiences that go far beyond just playing games. But change isn’t always easy or painless, and some will certainly resist it.

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harrisk9541825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

Man... the reviews have been less than stellar so far for the XB1.

And, look at the poll results in this article!

And this is a "mainstream" source, not some internet blog.

EDIT: This review, like many others, is being critical of the XB1, but then being "apologetic" about with that same "not right now" vibe to the review that I have seen in most others.

Anon19741825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

Yeah, we've been seeing a lot of that. "Here's all the problems and there are many but they'll sort them out eventually we hope." Could you imagine if they reviewed games similarly? "It's a mess, but hopefully they'll patch it soon so I'll give it an 8."

I get these are consoles and they undergo updates and changes, but if you're going to review hardware, review what it is now, not what it could be. If you want to write another article when and if they iron out what you had a beef with, so be it, but making apologies are quipping "They'll get it right eventually" isn't hardware review, it's speculation. Review the hardware for what it is and stand by it.