“Important” Persona Announcement Coming on November the 24th After 72 Hours Count Down

Atlus just opened a Nico Nico live channel teasing an “important” Persona-related announcement to come on November the 24th, on the same day indicated by the now well known teaser website.

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Snookies121766d ago

*drools* Not over Rise, but the announcement... She's okay too though, lol!

Abriael1766d ago

Hopefully it's Persona 5

Snookies121766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Persona 5 is one of the only games I'd ever start selling things for if I didn't have the money to pre-order it.

If it's P5, I will be beyond happy. Man, I cannot wait for that game. It's almost on par with the excitement I used to have for new Final Fantasy titles. Back in the VI-X days... Almost.

jujubee881766d ago

Hopefully it's also on the VITA. Please, SEGA/ATLUS! :)

Abriael1766d ago

I'd also take a Persona 4-2 (direct sequel of Persona 4) quite happily, to be honest.

Tornado1766d ago

Yeah, I would rather have a sequel of Persona 4 instead of another remake =_=

lazyboyblue1765d ago

And please, please, please back to Inaba.

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Inception1765d ago


I let you droll on Rise, but i can't let you drolling on my Naoto :(

Chrono1766d ago

Persona 4 Eternal Punishment

MWH1766d ago

interesting that you mentioned Eternal Punishment, Persona 2 was and still is my favorite in the series and one of the best games I've played in my many years of versatile gaming.

lili0752491766d ago

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Rodent851766d ago

Persona 5 PC exclusive ha-ha

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The story is too old to be commented.