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The Xbox 360 has its fair share of faults, but they’re ones that have come with its evolution. They were little blemishes chipped into something that otherwise only got better. They were easy to ignore.

Would I recommend buying the Xbox One? If you already have a 360 and aren’t absolutely dying for any of the launch titles, I wouldn’t say you need it right this second. Give developers a bit of time to figure out the console’s inner workings. Let the must-have titles get made. If your 360 is on its last leg or you skipped the last generation, however, it’s a solid buy as is.

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ruefrak1825d ago

Not exactly a glowing review. In fact, it's very scathing at times. I was actually to see he scored it a 7/10, though giving a score to a console is stupid.
Looks like the console has an ambitious dream and one day it might get there, but that day is not today.

MrPerfect8131825d ago

Agree, fact of the matter is both these consoles i think came out 6 months too early. Both have too many features that are getting the "will" add in later treatment. If you cant have features you announced in your reveal or at E3 ready for Launch day, then you probably should not have mentioned them in the first place. I am getting an X1, then a PS4 at some point in the next year, but i have low expectations for both at the moment and will simple turn to my pc for all the last gen titles that neither next gen console can play.

ruefrak1825d ago

In their defense though, they are "gaming" consoles, so as long as the games work, I'm fine with them launching now and adding additional functions later. It's important to let the customer know what will be coming soon so they know what to expect.
That said, the XB1 seems to have spent so much time hyping up the voice command features and it seems like it's just not there yet. They probably should have toned down their talk a little to keep expectations at a reasonable level.

Funantic11825d ago

Xbox One Friday at midnight greatness awaits.

psDrake1825d ago

I am PS fan but I am hoping Xbox one fans have a great launch.

I am excited to see what Xbox one can do down the road with it's superior multitasking features.

gedden71825d ago

Well the best thing to do with all of these consoles is to wait until they get all bugs out..

CEOSteveBallmer1825d ago

at least this site gave already a score while the others haven't revealed their score yet because of the embargo. MS is really playing it safe because if reviews are bad, it will change some people's minds. Sony isn't afraid of reviews because they didn't give any embargo on it. let the gamers speak for themselves. and almost all PS4 users are satisfied. no amount of donwplaying can sway them

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