Gizmodo: Xbox One Review: Absolutely Amazing (When it Works)

Uh, it's the Xbox One. The crazy ambitious follow-up to the Xbox 360, a wildly successful console and arguably the winner of last generation's console war. A box for playing games but also bossing around your television. A future machine.

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theBAWSE1852d ago

err ps3 sold more than the 360 so did the wii did 360 win the console war???

what a strange way for the American media to start an article with untruths.... s/

camel_toad1852d ago

Hahaha I never knew he achieved meme status. He always bugged me.

Reverent1852d ago

@camel, Oh, you've seen nothing. That guy became a meme the moment he appeared on TV. He's like a crazy, alien loving Rob Schneider.

darthv721852d ago

I wouldnt say the 360 won the war. that would be nintendo's doing. If we are looking at it from overall sales perspective.

If the 360 won anything it would have to be the social respect from the consumers for increasing its market presence much the same way Sega did with the Genesis in the age of nintendo dominance.

i mean its no small feat to gain ground on the competition that has such a strong brand recognition like sony has had with playstation. to be fair, even sony was the newcomer at one point.

The original PS1 offered a new fresh perspective on gaming at the time. something that gamers, who were growing tired of the back and forth between sega and nintendo, really took notice of. sony came in and took the respect they deserved from the likes of sega and nintendo and in return provided a brand that seemed unstoppable.

So when Ms entered into gaming, they were the underdog. the original xbox had some great features but because of the hold on the market that sony had...they couldnt really do much to build momentum with continued support. That is basically why they got the jump on the next gen with the 360. Now anyone who is familiar with gaming history will see the similarities of MS and the 360 being very much like Sega and the genesis.

genesis launched ahead of the competition from nintendo (SNES) and during the time of the previous platform (NES) that was reaching the crest of its height on the downward slope. so naturally gamers were looking for something new and interesting. Genesis was there to satisfy. Very much like the 360 came out when the PS2 was still king but offered gamers new and improved experiences. Especially with the much centralized online aspect at its core.

Will MS achieve the same success with the XB1 is to be determined but they do deserve some major props for making their 2nd outing a great success. Sega took on nintendo and won in the eyes of the gamers when it comes to being the underdog taking on the throne. Ms should be viewed in the same light when comparing their gaming platform efforts in regards to that of sony as well as nintendo.

Many may not care for the platform or the company behind it but they have to at least give them some respect for putting up a really strong effort.

JuniorCE1852d ago

Being released a year early than PS3... Being cheaper lol

But right now the PS3 has sold more than the 360 :-D

thisismyaccount1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

What Ezz2013 really meant to say was :

and it looks like, the same cr-p is repeating again.

BluRay of Ghost Box 1 version floating the webs... just a matter of time and the box 1 will see a boost in sales again.

mp12891852d ago

"Unlike its predecessors, which aspired in one way or another to be shaped sort of like an X, the Xbox One leans heavily towards box."


UltimateMaster1852d ago

The Wii won last gen and PS3 sales surpassed those of the 360 before the next gen launch.
I don't see anything appealing about the Xbox One.
Anyone could buy an Apple TV to get their Media Apps. Any Smart TV also do the trick.

mikeslemonade1851d ago

Wii is last-last generation console. The PS2 beat the Wii.

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Septic1852d ago

Note the word arguably. Also, winning shouldn't equate to total sales, it could be attributed to the massive foothold it gained in the industry, especially compared to it'd prior efforts or the stranglehold it's competitor had coming into the generation.

Bathyj1852d ago

But gaining a foothold doesnt mean it "won" the generation. The consoles barely been supported for the last 3 years.

Frankly thats not good enough and even with specs, DRM and price all being hot topics, piss weak support late in the gen is the main reason I dont want to jump back in. I couldnt look at myself in the mirror if I fell for the same bait and switch 3 times. That got me with that twice already.

We could say its most improved, but only as far as sales go. I think Xbox Original (god I hate that name) erhum, CLASSIC Xbox, to me at least, was by far the better console. Loved that machine.

Septic1852d ago

But it won in a lot of areas. Just getting to where it is now is a win in itself, no? It had a slew of brilliant (and mostly) superior third party games as well as some great first party games, it is still king in the online arena, as far as the Xbox 360 functionality is concerned and overall, its going toe to toe with Sony, who only relatively recently, claimed the lead.

I mean, remember the situation at the start of this gen (last gen....are we in next gen yet??!). People enthused (including Kutaragi, laughably) that once the PS3 was out, the 360 would be relegated to the sidelines.

Denethor_II1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

"Just getting to where it is now is a win in itself, no?"

Considering the amount of money spent creating and developing, paying off publishers for time exclusivity and dlc, and a f##k ton of advertising. Not really no. For a company as big as MS, no.

" its going toe to toe with Sony, who only relatively recently, claimed the lead."

But Xbox had a year head-start. Your an Xbox fan, I get it, but please don't let it blind you.

Septic1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

@Denethor had a year head start. But Sony had two generations worth of a head start and momentum behind it. That accounts to nothing??

So you really think it was a vase of just chucking money into the pot to ensure success? So I guess it had nothing to do with the Xbox 360 being a decent console with decent features like Xbox live, achievements etc whilst being easy to develop for?

"But Xbox had a year head-start. Your an Xbox fan, I get it, but please don't let it blind you"

Please. I'm one of the few people on here who isn't blinded by any so-called loyalty to a brand.

DragonKnight1852d ago

Xbox fans, redefining the definition of winning since 2008.

Septic1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

I'm just saying it's not as black and white as you lot argue it is. I didn't even say that the 360 was the overall 'winner' so your sweeping statement makes no sense Dragon.

Reading comprehension my friend.

Bathyj1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

Yeah uncalled for comment Denethor. Septic is pretty neutral and just likes what he likes. He'll praise or badmouth either console depending on the situation.

Yeah Septic, X360 started really strong but finished very very weakly. The lack of support is a bit shameful on MS's part in recent years.

And theres no way they would have got that kind of lead without the extra year, (year and a half in Europe) no one can really argue with that, and that in turn set the tone for MS to hold publishers over a barrel for most of the gen.

But what happened happened, and they sold alot more than their first effort but I still maintain the Original was a better console and that they didnt "win" this gen. Its fact I think in the last half they've turned away alot that loved them, myself included.

I also dont agree with the attitude Sony should have won because they won twice in a row and its a given. With a new gen, everyone starts from zero, and no one is guaranteed previous success will carry over.

In fact history has proved its very hard to do that, PS2 didnt carry into PS3. Wii isnt carrying into WiiU. If anything it proves you CANT do it with only the PSOne to PS2 gen being the exception that proves the rule.

That and the rule of 3 is real, which Sony went through this gen, and MS will have to go through next gen. (I'm still calling PS4/Xbone next gen).

Plus theres no reason MS couldnt have won on their first try. Sony did it. Thats why MS is here in the first place, so saying they did good for a 1st try, or a 2nd try against an established brand is a bit of a cop out.

Playstation is only like 5 or 6 years (1 generation) older than Xbox, its not like were talking a dynasty against a rookie.

DragonKnight1852d ago

@Septic: The phrase "it's not as black and white as you think it is" is normally used by those with a position not reflective of actual fact, or majority opinion, just to justify their own opinion.

The Xbox 360 was a win in terms of building marketshare only. The Xbox Division has bled money since its inception, the 360 was outsold by the PS3 and the Wii, the PS3 has the best first party exclusive games with continued support, so where is the win other than in an increased marketshare which means nothing at the start of a new gen?

Septic1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )


Cheers for that :)

On the point of starting fresh every gen, I just don't think you can discount all the goodwill vested into brand. It is enormously important and will account for a big chunk if not the majority of your early sales.

Im definitely not defending the one year head start; that's what gave Microsoft the momentum to build up it's own goodwill (which it then later decided to douse in gasoline and set fire to at the onset of the Xbox one reveal).

Regarding your point about why it couldn't secure a win in the first or second attempt, the Xbox Classic came in very late into the game but managed really well I would argue (thanks to Halo). Yes the second time round it could have secured a win but we know why it failed, for reasons you mentioned, but still, they loosened Sony's grip.

But yeah I agree overall. I expect Sony to return back to form this gen and possibly commanding a majority. I still however cannot confidentially give the win to them regarding this gen gone past. Saying Sony won it simply because it just edged out on sales just doesn't seem right to me.


You just made a load of sweeping statements there. I've already discussed why it isn't as black and white as it seems in the posts above that one so why you're under the impression that, that post operates in a vacuum is beyond me.

Regarding 'best exclusives', surely we can both agree that's a subjective assessment?

Btw sorry if this post is littered with spelling errors or nonsensical words. I'm typing this on the phone and it loves to troll me.

DragonKnight1852d ago

@Septic: I can agree that what people consider good games is subjective, but numbers don't lie and the PS3 has more highly rated first party exclusives than the Xbox 360.

And I didn't make sweeping statements. Unless you're going to show me some kind of information that shows the Xbox Division HASN'T been bleeding money since its inception, or that the Wii and PS3 HAVEN'T outsold the 360.

You're making concessions to create a "win" for the Xbox 360, but when the competition has "better" games, more of them, and has outsold the 360, placing that console firmly in third place in every category (online is definitely arguable in favour of the 360, I'll give you that) where is the win?

If you wanna discuss the grand scheme of gaming business, then Nintendo is the only actual winner, but Xbox Division has never been out of the red and I'd simply be repeating myself talking about games and other factors.

But hey, feel free to make those concessions if you have to. The era of the 360 is over as soon as the Xbox One comes out anyway, so it's pretty moot.

Denethor_II1852d ago

"Sony had two generations worth of a head start and momentum behind it. That accounts to nothing??"

Just the one generation head start.

You said by getting to where it is now that's a win. I disagreed because you make Microsoft sound like a small company with something to prove, and thus take merit by achieving second place. It's not. It wasn't to long ago it was the richest company in the world. I would, with their funds available, expect nothing less.

SoapShoes1852d ago

The 360 didn't win in increasing market, Nintendo did. Went from GC(lowest albeit not much lower than XBOX) to Wii (highest). Also Sony was never first, Sega/Microsoft was always before them. If you consider Wii U it wasn't first this gen either.

Budz_McGr33n1852d ago

@DragonKnight- What happened in 2008? Wasn't the Xbox360 beating PS3 from 2006-2012?

starchild1852d ago

Septic is one of the most unbiased posters on N4G, and the radical Sony fanboys have the audacity to act like he is the fanboy?! lol

DragonKnight1852d ago

@Buds: Nope. Since 2006, the PS3 outsold the Xbox 360 globally every year. An 8 million console lead and the fact that the 360 didn't stop selling consoles merely extended the length of time it took for the PS3 to overtake the 360.

Sono4211852d ago

Septic the problem I have with your argument is that you think they should be given credit for their effort.. but they didn't put their effort in the right areas. They made little to no effort to build up first parties or simply keep a steady stream of games.

So no I will not give them credit for effort when their efforts are not put into the right areas for a gaming console and they are making this same mistake yet again with the Xbox One, once again putting their efforts in the wrong places for a gaming machine.

Septic1852d ago



I agree with what you say there. To me, the Xbox did so many things right. When the first Xbox came out I actually ridiculed it until I saw Halo. Then the strides made with Xbox Live just made it my main console of choice because I had a strong PC background (as well as a PlayStation background too). I got into online gaming in a BIG way.

Thing is, Microsoft made those strides in the online arena and that to me was the perfect area to concentrate on. Yes, later on with Kinect, the focus got lost and now we got this all in one, jack of all trades wannabe X1 console, but Microsoft definitely started off really strong and I think did a lot to help develop the industry. Them pushing off Sony from the throne was much needed and the competition has brought with it PS Plus and social functionality that Sony would never otherwise been pressurised to bring.

For me, that's a win.

Now the tables have turned. Sony is set to dominate but I don't think we should write off Microsoft just yet, lest we repeat the mistakes of the previous gen.

Eddie201011852d ago

Microsoft console sales are so artificially high because they gave a lot of them away with purchase of PC'S and laptops, also they gave them away on every talk show on the planet. People replacing there console because of high failure rate, in some case many times, also artificially expanded the number of consoles sold.

Sony is over a Million ahead after releasing a year later in the U.S. and a year and a half later in Europe.

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heliumhead20301852d ago

Actually they have sold pretty much neck and neck but I think 360,is technically ahead. Wii doesn't count, everybody knows this.

As for the article, this is a real enthusiast review. Same conclusion as the others though. Good read nonetheless

devwan1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

With the actual sales being less than ps3 and all the replacement units due to hardware issues (eg rrod) it's hard to see how it is technically ahead. If they were dead level, it'd be technically behind, wouldn't it?

Nobody really won that generation, at the end it'll all come out pretty even with only Nintendo having anything notable in the bank to show from it.

As for the current gen, it's less that a week old but it's already suggesting to pan out quite differently - interesting times!

heliumhead20301852d ago

They both literally passes 80mil worldwide like a month ago. You can't forget the ps3 had it's issues to. I have a friend who went from 4 in his home down to one

Dan_scruggs1852d ago

Oh noes. The Wii is crushing the PS3 and the 360. Well since we cant compete with those numbers we will just say they don't count.

Oh and two of the highest rated games in history came out on the Wii (Mario Galaxy 1 and 2) but they don't count remember.

Just because you say it over and over doesn't make it true.

KwietStorm1852d ago

Technically ahead? Well is it ahead or isn't it? (It's not) but I'm asking anyway.

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jackanderson19851852d ago

increased their market share considerably, had the best version of multiplats for most the gen, eroded Sony's control over the market... those would be the reason they won i suppose

1852d ago
1852d ago
JeffGUNZ1852d ago

PSN never became better then live, psn plus is the same thing with a free old game. The community itself is vastly superior on Xbox Live, everyone who has both consoles knows this.

Live: CDxJeffGUNZ

Check em' out, I play both and their is really no comparison. Yes, Sony did make improvements with PSN+, but that is expected when you start charging for your service and having more money to invest in it. I suspect PSN to improve even more this generation since everyone has to pay. It's a double edged sword, it isn't fun paying for the online service, but you do get more updates and better content.

trouble_bubble1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )


Err, you only have 58 trophies, and you went from june 2011 to august 2013 without earning even one. I loaded your name on

Having only played 9 ps3 games in total, I don't know how you can use the "I play both and there's no comparison" argument. How can you judge a community you're not even a part of? 38,000 gamerscore vs 2 years of nothing.

dead_eye1852d ago

Wow the community is better. That's what your using.

I won't even go into the ps plus been the same but with a free old game.

Time for another ban I think

Fucking retards

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XxGOWxX1852d ago

The winner of the "war" isnt only determined by sales. Its determined on the overall experience delivered. They say arguably for a reason. there was no clear winner because of many factors.

I think if the RRoD didnt happen MS would have easily been the "winner". Just IMO though.

Denethor_II1852d ago

I think the only way to prevent the RRoD was to wait another year to fix the problems. By which time the PS3 would have launched, and would be competing head to head.

KwietStorm1852d ago

Yep, definitely in your opinion though. This is a business through and through, and not one of these players are in it for any moral victories. Yea, Microsoft made great strides for the Xbox brand, and yes, they were able to dent the PlayStation market (partially Sony's own doing as well), but they also sold the least amount of units with the longest time on the shelf, and Nintendo made boatloads more cash than either of them. I don't even know which part if arguable.

omi25p1852d ago

Errr the 360 sold more than the ps3 did.

omi25p1852d ago

Lol, Think you will find the PS3 Has shipped not sold

Denethor_II1852d ago

"Should You Buy It?
Not yet. It's generally dumb to buy any new console right at launch. PS4's have been having issues with a "blue light of death,"

Sony have just announced that their failure rate is below 1%. Amazingly low for new hardware, especially when you compare it to the 360's 16% at launch. The writer uses hearsay as to whether or not to buy a new console.

deno1852d ago

Amazingly low nothing. Sega and Nintendo never had launch failures. Only Sony and Microsoft.

HastaLaVista1852d ago

Wow, out the the whole article u pick that out. Get a life.

bigfish1852d ago

It might just be my eyes deceiving me or the quality of that picture, but the Xbox looks cheap and plasticy in that pic

tordavis1852d ago

Funny how you mention the PS3 and not the Wii which happens to be the real winner of the war.

Dee_Cazo1852d ago

It dominated the world's largest market. It sold 17 million more than Sony did.

That's a win when America is looked at as the biggest stage.

moparful991852d ago

Moving those goal posts huh?

Dee_Cazo1851d ago


No I am simply stating that sales numbers in any other part of the world don't come close to North America. Sony dominated until the PS3 it doesnt matter how high their sales were in other countries because the sales that they had from the PS2 were not transitioning to the PS3 and lost them millions.

H0RSE1852d ago

It depends what the terms are for "winning." If we are speaking in terms of sales, Nintendo is the winner. That being said, would you say Nintendo was the "winner" of last gens' console war?

DoubleM701852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

Numbers are looking like 80 million consoles for both. Xbox soled more software and accesories than both PS3 and the Wii. Consoles soled go to the Nintendo Wii 100 million Wii's.

hollabox1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

XB360 did dominate in the worlds biggest market, the American markets having sold the most home consoles in the past 30 months. PS3 lead is just a couple of hundred thousands world wide which in the end is abit meaningless. Especially considering most of MS sales are in 2 of the major markets compared to PS3 3.

In the end, two systems that both sold over 80 million units with 1 selling 80.2 or whatever is only meaningful to trollers. If the numbers were like 80 million sold to 50 million sold then yes, there's a major difference, but a couple of hundred thousands and people stand tall pointing their finger saying third place when the sales are almost equal.

hankmoody1852d ago

The fact that you have most PS fanboys posting negative comments on every single MS/ XB1 related article that pops up is indicative of such.

Ps4Console1852d ago

I agree I have preordered a Ps4 but I'am no fanboy & I have no negative comments to say about Xbox Gamers or the Xbox One these people Are just young & immature nothing else .

resi51852d ago

He said "arguably" won last gen which is true in some aspects while in others it can be strongly argued that the ps3 won or even the wii

Ps4Console1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

Draw so far the PS3 sold 80 Million worldwide & the Xbox 360 80 Million worldwide .

Scrivlar1852d ago

I think it actually did win the war with how good Xbox live was, just my opinion though. And I have all 3 consoles before I'm accused of being a fan boy etc..

spicelicka1852d ago

he said arguably, get over yourself.

BX811852d ago

It won my console war!

WilDRangeRrfc1852d ago

Well if you look at PS3 sales compared to PS2 and 360 compared to original Xbox MS took a massive leap forward Sony went backwards,then you look at Live and how successful and lucrative it was for Xbox compared to PSN,also software sales were far higher on 360,Halo series sold more than all PS3 exclusives combined.Pro gaming 360 and controller was the prefered destination,overall sales of both are around 80 million so its close,yes 360 was cheaper 1 year head start etc but the 360 has a strong case as the most successful last gen,I bet 360 made a lot more €$£ for MS than PS3 did for Sony,the social experience on PS3 was terrible and in my eyes that console was a huge failure compared to PS1+ 2,360 games did die in last year or so and X1 isn't as good as PS4 which I get delivered next Fri all paid for,I buy what's best PS1,PS2,360,PS4;)

showtimefolks1852d ago


to many what's successful in the USA means its the world. PS3 outsold xbox360 from day one and got to 80 plus in one less year and even less in Europe

xbox 360 had a year ahead start in USA and about year and half in Europe yet ps3 not only caught the sales of xbox360 but surpassed it. But to american gaming media xbox360 won.

if all that last generation couldn't stop ps3, what makes anyone think MS could compete with sony now that sony has a cheaper console, has an established online network and has the stellar 1st party studios

Mosiac771852d ago

Number of console sales is not everything you need to win. One way Microsoft won was that they made more money on their system than sony did with the PS3. And they both lost a lot of money but sony lost more. Second every time they launch a new system they expect to sell more than their last generation. Original xbox sold 24 mil and 360 is at 80 mil so for Microsoft this is a big win. Sony ps1 sold 110 mil, ps2 157 mil and ps3 is at 81 mil and probably will never catch the ps2 and is bad for sony. That's why they are on a bad spot they underestimated their ps3 sales. There are many factors to win a console war and those are a couple of them.

BullyMangler1852d ago

err, SALES dont determine somethings glory, its the gameplay/immersion/game-changi ng content that does. this is why Nintendo is King and always will be < fact

many fanpies will be devastated by this fact

1852d ago
dolkrak1852d ago

yeah they finished last place and first gen too lol.

Those Americans are crazy.

Jeedai Infidel1852d ago

They won because of the attach rate, which was close to double of the other two consoles. You have to remember that the PS3 was being bought up in Europe because, for a few years, it was the cheapest way to own a blu-ray player, and those that bought it for that reason bought a game or two, if any at all. A lot of my friends bought a Tony Hawk game or Madden and that was it, then proceeded to buy a sh*t ton of Blu-Rays.

busytoad1852d ago

Remember microsoft loves to payoff companys to spread thier propaganda lies to trick people.i just feel bad for the kids or in microsoft's eyes the sheep who buy the x-bone.