From the PS4 vs Xbox One back to Nintendo vs Sega: Great console battles throughout the decades

IT Pro Portal: With the UK release of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 now just one and two weeks away respectively, the video game console wars are poised to rage anew. The past generation of consoles has lasted a relatively long eight years, so it's been a while since gamers practiced the time-honoured tradition of defending their new console of choice to the death.

Controversies have been erupting over everything from the Xbox One’s slightly lower resolution on some games to the PS4’s slightly reduced media capabilities, and everyone seems to be arguing over which big black box is better. So we thought it might be an interesting idea to take a look back at the console wars of generations past.

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darthv721790d ago

there are some parallels between the efforts of Ms and sony. sorry nintendo, but for the purpose of this post I have to put you off to the side for now.

The release of the 360 is very much like the release of the Genesis (megadrive outside the US). Sega had the master system going up against the NES at the time. Even though the master system had the better specs, the NES had the lock on all the good games (or should i companies).

Sega figured they needed to get a jump on the next gen and even with the master system still on the market, they pushed forward to a new generation (aka Genesis) of gaming. It worked and to great success for the platform. not only did it capture the attention of the gamers with its 'next gen' graphics (for the time) but it did it at a pretty reasonable price point.

So now lets jump ahead several years and we see sony has a huge hit on their hands with the PS2. MS released the 'better spec' xbox but they didnt have the content to fill the system like sony did. It is a perk to be a leading platform holder and make such ambitious deals for games. but sony was doing their deals the old fashioned way. Rather than strong arm the devs/pubs into contractual agreements (like nintendo did) sony basically handed them the keys and said if you make it....gamers will buy it. And they were right.

Ms, being the newcomer and underdog had no previous presence in the gaming field with the exception of their own titles for PC and the co-creation of the dreamcast (from the OS pov). so they really didnt have what was needed to make the good deals for games. Now this is a sticking point for many but they had no choice but to drop the original xbox and focus solely on the 360. the core of the platform is the online aspect. it was touted as a key feature of the xbox and became THE key feature of the 360.

The 360 came out ahead of the competition to offer new and improved games (much like sega did with the genesis) and it was during that short window (1 year head start) that Ms was able to really build a name for themselves. Im not saying the 360 did everything right (RROD comes to mind) but when it came to delivering on the games, the experience both on and offline...the 360 really did do the right things.

No matter if the wii came out to win in the overall sales numbers or that the PS3 overcame it previous bumps in the road....the 360 really deserves some respect for being a contender. i mean the same thing happened with the genesis. SNES eventually surpassed the sales numbers of the genesis but sega had achieved what they set out to do. Make a brand that was recognizable to the gaming public.

Regardless if people dismiss the efforts of MS or despise the platforms they have made...they had to fight to get their place in gaming history. If they turned a few heads along the way then so be it. Every successful platform deserves a place among the greats and the 360 has earned their spot.

sorry for the long read.