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When Microsoft released its last video game console in 2005, the Xbox 360 was primarily just that: a console to play video games on your TV. Sure, there were some basic online messaging and chat functions, but its main focus was clear.

The same cannot be said for the Xbox One. Microsoft is positioning its newest system as the center of a Netflix-filled, Kinect-controlled, do-everything-on-your-TV world controlled through a single source. Yes, playing games is still a big part of the Xbox One, but this is a system designed to be on whenever your TV is on. Microsoft claims this is the only HDMI input you'll need to control all of your visual entertainment.

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GTgamer1828d ago

"Verdict: Buy it if there are exclusives that appeal to you, not for the bells and whistles. Otherwise, save $100 and get a PS4."
Well damn

MorePowerOfGreen1828d ago

So buy PS4 if you don't care about games and neat features? Just buy the bargon bare bones console?

Well damn

Bathyj1828d ago

The only thing you said correctly is that PS4 is a bargain. But you spelt it wrong.

Simmy441828d ago

Ha ha just as well that you can communicate via talk with the Xbone, helps a lot when you can't even spell.

Derajcan21828d ago

Xbox one for me, extra 100$ is not a problem, I prefer better games.

Hicken1828d ago

Then shouldn't you be getting a PS4, where the proven developers will be?

Septic1828d ago

Is that a fact? What if he is looking forward to the likes of Dead Rising, Killer Instinct, Forza, Halo, Quantum Break, Titanfall and the like?

Hicken1828d ago

Then he likes those games. Nothing wrong with that.

But he said "better games." Ostensibly, this is subjective. Yet, Sony has a larger stable of proven developers than Microsoft, which IS a fact, yes.

If he truly prefers "better games," then the PS4 is what he should be buying. If he'd said, "The XB1 has the games I want to play more," then that'd be another story entirely. Then the games you name could be perfectly fine.

Derajcan21827d ago

Titanfall and Halo is all that needs to be said. You can't tell me any games that have been confirmed by ps4 that I'm interested in or excited for.

Funantic11828d ago

Amazon purchasers agree with you. :-)

SniperControl1828d ago

Oh yes, just like all those people who bought bought a PS4 and then said it was crap..... Right.......

Sarcasm1828d ago

Enjoy your Xbox but,

"Better" games is subjective.

AgitatedOcelot1828d ago

I don't get the people that say neither the PS4 or Xbox one are that big a step up over the previous gen. It's so night and day obviously better playing a 1080p game over the old vaseline covered jaggy ps3 or xbox 360 games that it's not even comparable.

Then you have the speed of multitasking which is just an amazing step up. I absolutely love using the PS4 where I find the PS3 gaming experience agonizing in comparison now. I'm not a big fan of the Xbox, but in fairness to it I'm sure the experience of stepping up to it over a 360 is just as good.

People that can't see the difference between these systems are as mind boggling to me as people that can't tell the difference between 720p and 1080p.

aquamala1828d ago

We should be hearing about defective units from some review sites by now right? I learned last week that it would be perfectly normal