Xbox One vs. PS4 - Camera and Headset Audio Comparison

IGN went into party chat on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to see which headset and camera had the best audio quality.

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SlavisH21487d ago

wow didn't expect there to be that big of a difference between the two!

Fireseed1487d ago

Probably mostly in part to Microsoft updating the port specifications, and audio codec.

FamilyGuy1487d ago

Might've helped to have turned off the background user interface music in the PS4 headset test but the winner here is still clear regardless. I turned it off on my PS4 after the first hour though so hearing it in the background of that test isn't completely indicative of my experience.

The PS4 camera audio is surprisingly bad though, didn't expect it to be great but that was horrible.

FamilyGuy1486d ago

So... This is bullsh..

I hadn't used the PS4s boxed in headset till today and it was clear as day. I was chatting with a friend while playing Resogun and we were both using the ear-bud and it wasn't anything like what was heard in this video.

I think IGN might have something interfering with the quality that isn't/didn't effect the X1.

People need to try it for them selves, I had no quality issues whatsoever today :/

timmyp531487d ago

Sony went that cheap route for the bundled headsets. Not surprised honestly. Kinect sounds almost as good as headset too. Good job MS.

Revolt131487d ago

Accidental disagree, my bad :'(

Riderz13371487d ago

Cheap route? With the 100$ I save I'm actually going to buy a proper headset lmfao. Clearly Kinect has better audio, anyone saying otherwise is either deaf or just a troll, however I personally don't care seeing as I'll be using Astro's lol.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1487d ago

The bad thing is Sony's audio codec isn't as good as the Xb1 so those headphones would still sound much clearer for chat on Xb1.

B-radical1487d ago

Not trolling will get disagree's but oh well the ps4's camera and headset sound kinda like one of those 70's sex ed videos

1487d ago
Sm00thNinja1487d ago

Ewwwwww good thing I'll be picking up A Turtle Beach set down the road on PS4

Bigpappy1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

I like X1 sound quality in that test better.

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The story is too old to be commented.