Xbox One The Review ( Polygon )

The Xbox 360 that exists in 2013 bears little resemblance to the console that Microsoft launched in 2005. It’s so different, in fact, that it helps to think of the company’s new Xbox One as an evolution, not of the original Xbox 360 but of the one that exists today.

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True_Samurai1826d ago

of course greatness awaits for x1 and many games ahead

MajorJackHoff1826d ago

I'm just excited to play the exclusives on PS4 and One. I don't give a damn about all this other mumbo jumbo. Uncharted, Halo... mmmmm that's good eats.

TheFallenAngel1826d ago

Greatness came out last Friday!

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HappyWithOneBubble1826d ago

LOL let them have it. They happy XB1 coming just like PS4 gamers were happy. I decided to get XB1 too when it goes down in price. Greatness awaits for all us gamers.

P0werVR1826d ago


If I was a fanboy it would be for PC, but I favor the Xbox One more than the PS4. But you are dead on right about the dramatic graphics for a review. That in it'self should alarm a couple people before going through this review. Review are supposed to be a professional opinion, like Adam Sessler. Not some total bias opinion.

BUT, if it is a bias was a factual bias opinion and why I agree with nearly everything that was posted.

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PSjesus1826d ago

(Polygon and the Verge) owner company,had a 750K$ deal to support Xbox one lunch so 8 in my opinion is bad for that sum of money they should give it a 10 and their virginity

PSjesus1826d ago

Arthur Gies used to be Editor in TeamXbox site now He is editor for Polygon the same guy who shared with Adam Sessler the PMS drama few weeks ago

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Magicite1826d ago

obviously Polygon rates X1 higher than PS4.

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B-radical1826d ago

que the

this is biased
microsoft payed them
they are high on coke


SonyNGP1826d ago

People are gonna make a big deal out of a 0.5 difference in 2013?

pyramidshead1826d ago

Doesn't matter about the 0.5 difference, the point is that Polysoft was always going to score the Xbox higher. Even if it spontaneous combusted right in front of them while they were typing out the review.

Concertoine1826d ago

yeeeeah i doubt MS payed much for an 8/10 lol.

ltachiUchiha1826d ago

How about just ignoring ppls opinion & go with your own? If u like something that other ppl dont like, are u going to let that stop u from buying it? I wouldnt let that stop me from buying something i want.

LordMaim1826d ago

I am shocked and surprised that the Xbone got a higher rating than the PS4. How could this have possibly happened at Polygon?

Sarcastic? Me? Noooooo.

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crypticphildz1826d ago

Solid review for both the PS4 and Xbox One plus dat Layout is amazing!! :)

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