PS4 vs Xbox One: which is better?

Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One do battle with eight-core AMD technology.

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GreenRanger1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Whichever one you're buying.

I'm buying both.

XB1_PS41769d ago

Bought one, waiting to buy the other. I hope there's no lag when I input my ps4 to the xbox one.

shivvy241769d ago

getting PS4 first then when sunset overdrive and quantam break comes out ill get an x1

abzdine1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

i am going for Wii U and PS4 this gen.
i want the resolution, the power and the first party awesomeness.
if people are gonna enjoy x1 then it's good for them.

Hydrolex1769d ago

PS4 is better...

Captain Obvious

grailly1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

unfortunately there's a small latency, from what I've seen, it's about a quarter of a second, just enough to make games less enjoyable.

TomShoe1769d ago

That clickbait title...

ZodTheRipper1769d ago

Exactly my thoughts :)

I've got absolutely no need for the X1 now that even multiplatform games run better on PS4.

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silkrevolver1769d ago

So... both are better than the other?

Ezz20131769d ago


so you get both consoles and pinkRanger (Kimberly Hart) as well ?!

you lucky bast***
i hate you :P

BABY-JEDI1769d ago

My God. Santa's good to you! This being the best option if you have the throw-away income. Sadly to say I don't. But overtime who knows, I might get the XB1 if the exclusives from MS win me over.
; )

assdan1769d ago

From a completely objective standpoint, the ps4 is far better.

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Majin-vegeta1769d ago

Ps4 better price,better games,only online play is locked behind the paywall,better support and its built for the future.

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mrnice1769d ago

i have ps4 its ok mate but not that lag all time god help us when its world wide be a joke.never mind xbox hear on friday get some proper online gaming done.maybe one day ps4 will be better online.

Unreal011769d ago


Had a look at your comment history and every single one of your comments are about how the Xbox One blows the PS4 out of the water. Do you actually have a PS4, or do you just say that to make you sound like an unbiased fanboy?

Let's face it, PSN is leaps and bounds over what it once was, and is at least on par with Xbox Live at this point.

Madderz1769d ago

Never understood these "XBlive is better than PSN" comments....

I've used both and tbh once your in a game playing, you couldn't tell one from the other.

Never had a problem with this so called lag etc from PSN except when using the store.

That seems to have been fixed and you get way more with PS+

I dont see the supposed advantage??

Can anyone enlighten me?

Einhert1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Better games? The best launch game for PS4 is Resogun, an arcade game...

Killzone shadowfall had the worst Killzone campaign yet, I didn't think they could top how bad 3 was but they managed. The MP has been incredibly CODified since 2 so lets not even go there.

Sorry but Forza 5, Ryse, Dead Rising 3 all look a LOT better to me as a hardcore gamer than Knack or Killzone.

Il take a brutal Ancient Rome Story over a once good sci fi shooter dumbed down to entice the COD crowd in.

Madderz1769d ago

In your opinion, and you are welcome to it :)

BABY-JEDI1769d ago

It's a fair point. But I still have issues about Dead Rising being next gen. Im not saying its a bad game. Forza, going by previous iterations seems to me an incomplete game rushed for launch. What's there looks great but there is not much for the gamer. Ryse is a game I'm interested. But going by what I've seen, it seems pretty repetitive. If the combat/tactics were more variable it would easily be my most favourite launch game. But they aren't IMO. Never the less, enjoy your gaming
; )

Madderz1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

@ Majin-Vegeta


*Clicks fingers and shakes head*

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ShinnokDrako1769d ago

For me no doubts: PS4. I still don't see anything that grabs my attention on the other one. Who knows if in the uture i'm going to get an XboxOne Slim or something, when they cut the price or so. But even in that case if i don't like the Xbone games, i use that money to get PS4 games.

thrust1769d ago

What grabs your attention on the ps4 right now killzone?

1769d ago
MRMagoo1231769d ago

the thing that grabs my attention on the ps4 is the huuuuge potential and the fact most multiplats are better performing, even the frame rate dips in cod arent there after patch , yet the xbone version is still 720p and looks like a 360 game. So thats one main thing for me , better multiplats, then there is the fact we all know PS4 will deliver on the exclusives as they have done for 3 full gens in a row , and MS havent for 2 in a row. how many reasons do you need thrust ?

ShinnokDrako1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Yes, KillZone, Resogun, Knack for a good co-op with my wife (whatever ppl say, i like it), the f2p (tried warframe, not bad and i like Blacklight Retribution). Without counting that my friends are going to get the PS4 too, so i can play online with them too. And there are games my wife is interested in, like Octodad, Hohokum and those. I'm not the kind of person that lists the games of the system, it's something i don't like, but since this time someone asked me this is my answer. It's even a bad period for the money, so if what i get is cheaper than something else, it's a plus. And i'm just saying what i like for NOW. Future is different. PS4 exclusives are the best ones for me. Did i mention that everything i say it's "for me"? I'm not saying anything bad about the other consoles.

Gamer-401769d ago

I'm buying both. Later.
Ps4 and Xbox One good console.

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