Xbox One review (The Verge)

Microsoft didn't mean to take over your living room. When it launched in 2005, the Xbox 360 was just a device for games — "the Holy Grail of gaming," in the immortal words of MTV's Sway. It would show your pictures if you plugged in a thumb drive, but it was designed to be the best way ever for gamers to play.

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lifeisgamesok1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

Great reviews so far

Two 4/5's




Come on Friday

badboy7761791d ago

Don't you mean Last Friday?

ABizzel11791d ago

Let them have their day, no fanboying everyone.

theBAWSE1791d ago

best review so far.. in depth and great knowledge for all those audiophiles with system rigs.. not many sites have highlighted the cons of using a xbone if you have these

I hope these sites do a re-review in a year's time to see how the consoles have changed

skoorydook1791d ago

What a difference a week makes, these scores were average and mediocre last week.

PR_FROM_OHIO1791d ago

I know when KZSF gets a 7 it's a flop but Xbox1 gets a 7 it's a great score go figure!!! lol

drsfinest721791d ago

Kotaku says not yet for ps4 and Xbox one... Wtf Kotaku lol what would we play then?

pacostacos1791d ago

they said the same for wii u too :P... kotaku stealth trolling lol

ABizzel11791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

PS360, Dark Souls 2, Castlevania LOS 2, FF13 Lightning, Crysisfield....I mean Warface, Assassin's Creed Liberation HD, etc...

I say if it's not too hard, just wit until around September - holiday 2014 before getting your console. A good array of games will be out, Black Friday should see some sales on next-gen games, and there's a possibility for a PS4 bundle, and maybe a $399 XBO, and $249 Wii U bundle.

Gamer-401791d ago


Dark Souls 2/Castlevania LOS 2.
Gran Turismo 6!!
I not buy next-gen now. Later.

1791d ago
UncleGermrod1791d ago

I actually dont mind paying for the kinect, seems cool enough. but i think its too bad the whole tv thing isnt gonna be usable for me (i wont take the hit to signal quality or lose surround-$2500 audio system and i use it for everything i watch, tv included). i hope over time these issues can be fixed. but im amped for thurs night and cant wait to play the launch games and eventually titanfall.

NeoTribe1791d ago

What do you mean taking a hit with picture quality and surround sound? Why wouldn't your surround sound work?

Games_R_Us1791d ago

I am buying Xbox One because of my long standing support for Microsoft. I love my Xbox 360 and what it gave me and I'm excited for Xbox One in a little over 27 hours from now when I collect it. Cant wait. I like the games on MS XB1 also, and I am looking forward to what the next few years will bring.

Also, I have a PS3, Wii, Wii U and enjoy them too, my XB360/One are just my overall favourites and nothing wrong with that IMO.

My advice to all, and I'm trying to say this a lot, is no point trying to convince others about the XB1 or vice versa, just be happy with the choice that you've made. After all, you're the one paying for it and gaming on it.

Enjoy this generation.

RiPPn1791d ago

Well said Paul, but buying an Xbox One because you loved the 360 is a little misguided since just about everyone involved in making the 360 what it was are all long gone.

Microsoft hasn't focused on hardcore gaming for nearly 4 years and are only doing so now to push this new box. My advice to you is temper expectations so you're not disappointed when the bone doesn't live up to the greatness that was first 4 years of the 360.