Engadget | Microsoft Xbox One review: a fast and powerful work in progress

Engadget writes: "The Xbox One may not be exactly what Microsoft thinks it is, but it's still a strong start for a powerful game console. Its sheer speed, versatility, horsepower and its ability to turn on and off with words make it a relatively seamless entry into our already crowded media center. What determines whether it stays there is the next 12 months: Exclusives like Titanfall and Quantum Break will help, as will gaining feature parity with the competition (we're looking at you, game broadcasting!). For broader success beyond just the early adopter's living room, the NFL crowd must buy in to Microsoft's $500 box. But will they? That remains to be seen. What's there so far is a very competent game box with an expensive camera and only a few exclusive games differentiating it from the competition."

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SynGamer1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

Wake-on-voice is very impressive
The best multitasking on any game console
Games are beautiful; console remains quiet

The most expensive console available
Limited selection of exclusive titles worth playing
Missing key promised functionality at launch

The Xbox One is quick, quiet and capable of handling live television and gorgeous games, all at the sound of your voice. At $500, it's a steep investment, but it's much


Seems like a fair assessment, though I don't think the NFL crowd is exactly what MS is looking for. Yes, they are important, but it's a gaming console, and thus, games are priority #1 (for a gamer at least). At $500, I don't see the TV features being enough to sway people, so hopefully Titanfall is great.

EDIT: this coming from a primarily PlayStation guy, for what it's worth.

theBAWSE1821d ago

Engadget has a playstation guy? lmfao

I read nothing but praise since 360 for Microsoft on Engadget and key pro articles about playstation usually never end up on Engadget...

they didn't even report they 1080p or lack thereof for xbone

Engadget has always been primarily Microsoft..

SynGamer1821d ago

Everything after the ----- was my comments, and the "EDIT" was mine, to indicate which system I favor. Again, "for what it's worth" :)

That said, I highly doubted they were going to bring up the resolution issues, especially after saying "...Its sheer speed, versatility, horsepower..."


1821d ago
theBAWSE1821d ago


if it had been the other way around you can be sure Engadget would have made an article on it... they did when it came to multiplats favouring 360

i urge anyone to look through Engadgets archives and read how positively they report on 360 to the point in gushing over the years and how bad they take jabs a playstation then disagree with me.

I will never trust Engadget when it comes to console news they are to bias

Snookies121821d ago

Yeah, those things seem fair. I believe it'll be a good investment for those who are excited about it. At the very least, I'm glad this new generation has kicked off with all its competitors having worthy hardware.


Games are beautiful; riiight at upscale and 720p 30fps not my cup.of coffee

SynGamer1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

Agreed. Though, when looking at the overall picture, I have no doubt that developers will be able to get games running at 1080p 60fps on the Xbox's just going to take a bit more manpower to squeeze out that extra performance...similar to the PS3 and 360 last generation.

That said, PS4 games will naturally look and perform a bit better ;)

MRMagoo1231821d ago

Yeh they can easily get the games to 1080p but they will also for a fact have to sacrifice things that they wouldnt have to on the ps4. That you would have to agree with right ?

4Sh0w1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

Yeah you're right, none are as beautiful or as fun as Knack @1080p. Call me crazy I'd just rather play boring old DR3 @720p, and just to pour salt on my wounds on a second Co op playthrough.

ABizzel11821d ago


Stop it. Let them have their day, even if the same wasn't offered during the PS4 launch. Big the bigger man.

Septic1821d ago

"Let them have their day"

That actually says more about you than "them".

Riderz13371821d ago

Every review I have read so far has complained about snap =/. Either the app that is snapped lags a lot such as Internet Explorere, or sometimes when you snap an app all it does is have the option to go back to that app, such as Netflix.

Not really surprised by this. People were praising snap when they haven't even used it. I have it on my laptop and have never found a reason to be using it. It just seems ridiculous to have your game snapped running at such a shrunken resolution...

nasnas761821d ago

Option, it's a luxury. Don't like snap, don't use it.

Riderz13371821d ago

I know but I'm just saying how it was so heavily advertised as some sort of killer app and yet there are very few situations where it is actually useful.

Funantic11821d ago

Yeah snap might have been advertised but so were Knack and Killzone. And those got bad reviews. And the snap feature can be updated to run better. Knack and Killzone:Shadowfall will suck forever. Yeah I known it's 2 different things but both Sony and MS advertised and bragged about a lot of things.

Brooktini861821d ago

And I would take Killzone over "snapping", which I would never use.

(Coming from an Xbox 360 owner of 7 yrs).

NeoTribe1821d ago

First of all killzone got good reviews. Knack got average reviews. Your right, snap MAY one day run correctly, but the x1 will ALWAYS be underpowered.

TristanPR771821d ago

Engadget has no credibility when it comes to consoles and smartphones. They are apple guys and Microsoft lovers on the console front. For a clear and honest review you cannot count Engadget.