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Stevivor -- "Microsoft Australia was kind enough to provide Stevivor with a pre-release Xbox One, and we’ve taken full advantage of the opportunity to provide you guys with our thoughts on the next-gen console."

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XB1_PS41580d ago

"It's not hard to fall in love with the Xbox One once it's in your home."

That's what I like to hear. :)

denawayne1580d ago

I've been saying since May that I believe X1 will sell well because of user experience and word of mouth.

Games_R_Us1580d ago

Good write up, lucky you guys got a XB1 early!

You are right though, once its all live Nov 22nd, its a different experience most definately.

RiPPn1579d ago

Well to be fair you get it about 16 hours before most of us westerners. haha

crypticphildz1580d ago

Another Solid Review, Getting excited!!

YodaCracker1579d ago

Friday can't come soon enough!

plut0nash1579d ago

Good job on getting a Xbone :) I hope to see more from you in the future!