Xbox 360, PS3 work without lag inside Xbox One

Stevivor -- "Xbox’s Albert Penello said that connecting an Xbox 360 or PS3 to your Xbox One’s HDMI In input “won’t be a great experience” back in September, but we’ve called his bluff.

"We hooked up an Xbox 360 and later a PS3 to test it all out, and as you can see, there’s no noticable latency at all."

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ElementX1850d ago

Yeah my TV only has 3 HDMI inputs (it's a 2009 model) and I was thinking I'd have to purchase a splitter however I can just plug my PS3 into the One

iPad1850d ago

A splitter... for what?

ElementX1850d ago

I have my PC, PS3, PS4 plugged in now. If I get Xbox One I'll be short one HDMI port

Half-Mafia1850d ago

I saw the IGN video with Mario. It had noticeable lag.

stevivor1850d ago

You can play Mario on Xbox 360 or PS3? Whoa.

Toon_Link1850d ago

Input lag is input lag... Ps3 360 or Wii u will all get the same amount.

dark_1011850d ago

I think It would be awesome if Microsoft can make interaction between inputs and Xbox OS, for example: receiving notifications while you are watching tv

FamilyGuy1850d ago

That's exactly what it does lol
You'll see messages and invites pop up while watching tv through the X1 pass-through.

dark_1011850d ago

Lol thats quite nice actually

Games_R_Us1850d ago

That's good news cause my 360 is staying and I was planning to run one they the other.

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