Assassin's Creed Doesn't Have Much of a Story, Does It


I have dutifully played the Assassin's Creed games as they've come out, and while it has wobbled a fair bit on the line of quality, it's basically a solid series. At least it doesn't churn out exactly the same tired thing every time. Just mostly the same tired thing every time, with some new ideas dipped into like a cowardly schoolchild dipping a toe into a frozen pool. Some of the new ideas it introduces mysteriously disappear in future instalments, never to be seen again, like bomb crafting and tower defence in Revelations, or all that sofa manufacturing business in 3. While other, less shit ideas grow and gain confidence. I wouldn't be surprised if sailing was only in AC3 in that vestigial and ancillary way as some kind of proof of concept for AC4, in which case, fuck you, Ubisoft, for making us pay to be your focus testers.

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r3f1cul1850d ago

ive grown soooo very tired of these yearly installment games. there is just too little improvement and too much decline. i mean step back take some time and make a truly solid game. in my opinion a very solid game should sale just as good if not better then 2 half assed games.

ZodTheRipper1850d ago

+ the community isn't pissed for paying twice

Annual releases shouldn't exist at all, you can't develop a great game within 12 months or less.

Xof1850d ago

I've grown weary of seeing this tired, half-thought complaint repeated over and over. It's very obviously the result of a burn-out, and holds about as much weight as someone whining about the Dragon Quest games being too similar to one another after playing through six of them in the span of a year or two.

It's not a valid criticism, at all. For a franchise that has seen so many releases in so short a span of time, Ubisoft has demonstrated remarkable competence inventiveness. Not only do AC games tend to improve much more in a year than other yearly franchises, I think there's a strong argument to be made that each new iteration improves on the prior title far more than other games that come out much more frequently.

If you look at Uncharted, Lost Planet, Halo, God of War, any racing series ever, Mass Effect, etc., etc., you'll see the Assassin's Creed games tend to do more to change things up and demonstrate a much steeper qualitative incline.

There are plenty of valid criticisms to make about the series. You could easily argue that AC3 and AC4 were released too early, and as a result of that suffered from less coherent storytelling and less open-ended game design. You could argue that the science-fiction fetishism has dug the narrative into a hole; that the single-player quality of the titles has decreased with recent titles as resources were diverted to the development of multiplayer; or a host of other things.

But likening the series to Call of Duty?

Give me a ****ing break.
And give everyone else a break.

I'd say your argument is bullshit, but it's not even a proper argument. It's just the tiresome whining of an irksome baby, and if I could fit more disparaging adjectives in here I would.

ZBlacktt1850d ago

Comments like this make zero sense. I mean zeroooooo. In life when you don't like something "you" move on. This particular game and every other game series a like is made for the fans of it for the most part. With new fans coming in at the start of every new game. Also, notice how ACBF is getting the best reviews come Next Gen? It is truly that damn good! Every person I've turned on to this game has come back and said wow! I mean wow! This is SO much better then AC3. Again, don't like it move on to something else. The game is doing just fine either way.

ZodTheRipper1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

It's made for $$$ primarily.
Of course AC4 is a great game but what about Brotherhood, Revelations and AC3? What about all these crappy handheld, smartphone and browser Assasin's Creeds? All the time and money they spent developing this crap could've been spent on new ideas and franchises.

And it's the same for Call Of Duty or Need For Speed or any other cashcow, all these annual releases with minor changes for the full price (!) don't bring the industry forward but instead bring more $$$ for less effort. If developers would have more time and creative freedom there would be much better games in terms of quality and variety. When I pay 60 bucks for a new game I don't want to play the same stuff I played last year with updated graphics and even if AC4 is an exception, the last 4 years were pretty much like that. Hopefully these new consoles can change that at least for a while.

Omar911850d ago

So not sure whether to get AC4 or not. I played practically all of them and beat all of them except 3. I didn't even get past the tutorial for AC3. Is AC4 similar to or a better experience?

Heisenburger1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

I hated ACIII. I have been having a blast with IV. It's an open world pirate game with the same mechanics as Assassin's Creed. If that sounds appealing then I couldn't recommend it more.

Imho it actually feels like the successor to ACII. In that it captures the pirate feeling in the *same way that they captured the Italian renaissance. I honestly never thought I'd play a game where I felt like a badass pirate, and this is pretty much exactly what I fantasized.

I'm not trying to hype it up, it's just how I feel about it.

Sly-Lupin1850d ago

You're talking crazy.

AC4 is very clearly an iteration of AC3, which in turn was very clearly an iteration of AC4. If you're enjoying AC4 and didn't like AC3, that's less indicative of the quality of AC3 and more a sign that your opinion of AC3 is faulty.

And for the record, AC4 is not an open world game. It's a segmented open world game. Think Fable or The Witcher, not Read Dead or GTA.

The main draw is that all of the disparate elements of play that were in AC3 are incorporated seamlessly into AC4, along with a host of new things, which results in a much smoother, more enjoyable (and free-form) experience.

One thing I will say to you, Omar91, is that AC3 had a really dull, slow-moving, and LONG tutorial. It took something like 3 or 4 hours to even get access to the proper traversal mechanics. AC4 moves at a MUCH snappier pace, with very little tutorializing, so it's much easier to get into.

Level design isn't as polished as AC3, though, so in spite of all the new traversal and stealth methods, there are fewer in-mission options.

Heisenburger1850d ago

I almost gave that Lupin cat a serious reply. Then I looked at his history.

He almost got me. Hahaha

ironfist921850d ago

Assassins Creed has a rich story and universe which easily outdoes many games this generation.


2 is still my favorite but black flag is right up there with it.

rezzah1850d ago

True, but from this point on they seem to be only interested in moving backwards into the past, and not forwards.

I believe seeing a article about Ubisoft stating that if we want a modern day AC we should play WatchDogs. Does this imply that there is no intention to make AC modern day at all or anytime soon?

AC4 is going to continue or break my interests in the story. I have only played for the story since Revelations.

Even the PSV AC was okay at best, and the ending wasn't as entertaining as the main games.

levian1850d ago

Minor spoiler here, but at a certain point in the game in the modern day section, you find a note or something talking about how Abstergo doesn't want to do anything modern, even as far back as WW1 and WW2. Some excuse about people going into a semi-catatonic state while driving (which is BS, what about months at sea compared to 20 minutes here and there driving?)

DoggyBiscuit1850d ago

Since brotherhood the story line has gotten boring the only reason I still play AC is cause I enjoy the gameplay

JasonKCK1850d ago

Assassins Creed has a good story if you combine all 40 games.

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