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Nintendo Enthusiast's Giancarlo Bellotto: "Sometimes, you get an entry in a series that is profoundly different from all the others. In the NES era, this tended to happen with the franchise’s sequel. One of the best known examples is Super Mario Bros. 2, which originally wasn’t a Mario game. The actual original game to bear that name was ironically the least innovative game in the Mario series, something that is well known at this point."

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guitarded771770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

From review "Very unique compared to other Mario games"

Because it wasn't supposed to be a Mario game (as the review mentions). Nintendo was trying to cash in on the success of SMB, but thought SMB2 (Japan) was too difficult for us Westerners. This game was my least favorite of all the core SMB games.

mattdillahunty1770d ago

i actually enjoyed SMB2 a lot more than Mario Sunshine. yeah, i know, i'm one of those rare weird guys who doesn't much care for Mario Sunshine.


though i understand that this game wasnt even really a mario title to begin with, its still one of my favorite games of all time.

TheFallenAngel1770d ago

I hate SMBS 2. 3 was the best!

baraka0071770d ago

I love mario 1 2 3 and world a bunch. I like that they're different and never understood why ppl hated two

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