Statistically, launch is the worst time to buy a console

MMGN writes: When it’s all said and done, numbers do tell a story, but they can never bury the excitement that takes over with the release of a new console. Xbox One and PS4 might lack the gaming pizzaz from the get-go, but we all know why we buy these consoles at launch.
Or do we?

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Pandamobile1826d ago

Duh. There's rarely ever any benefit to being an early adopter.

GrizzliS19871825d ago

other than playing your favorite games as soon as they come out. which isnt really that rare so your comment is fail.

Pekka1825d ago

Those games don't get any worse if you play them few months or even years later. I play 10-year-old games all the time and they are still good. So in that sense you lose absolutely nothing by waiting. And I buy over 90% of my games after price cuts anyway (that is still better than movies which I haven't bought at full price for last 5 years).

GrizzliS19871825d ago

so because you dont like a system at launch, i have to wait a year to play my favorite games. mmm ok

Irishguy951825d ago

Your favorite games are out already? What are they?

I'll be buying a Ps4 when there's some worthwhile games on it. Which looks to be March - April. No reason whatsoever to buy it before then. I'll probably get an X1 in a year or 2. When the price drops and it has a backlog of games to play

Spinal1825d ago

Your favorite games are never launch titles so what games r these?

GrizzliS19871825d ago

I wasnt necessarily speaking for myself when i said "your", but more so for the people out there. People who have different tastes and preferences, people who you can hardly believe enjoy games such as a new Call of Duty, or new FIFA, or even NBA 2k14. People who cannot wait to continue the story of Assassins Creed and where ACIII left off.

Exclusives or not, these are games that are fun to play, especially on new hardware, and new gen always bring a new generation of gamers with it as well.

People who might have skipped last gen, or even those who havent bought a game in a while, hense a 360 gamer without any exclusives to play.

All in all, i enjoy all these games i mentioned as well and i would totally buy a console at launch to play them, and the only reason i havent is because il get both consoles for christmas from the family.

I have plenty of money to go and buy one myself but why waste a good xmas gift when im not as hardcore of a gamer as i was before. Not to mention the countless games i have missed on the ps3 that i still have on my list of priorities.

But this isnt about me, or you, its about everyone. Different people, different tastes.

Chrischi19881825d ago

His comment is not fail. It is true, being an early adopter is only good for the company and the tech itself. If there wouldve been no early adopters for the whole smartphone stuff, we would still all use Nokia and Elop would not become CEO of Microsoft soon and Microsoft wouldnt consider to sell Xbox this soon.

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Seraphemz1825d ago

i cant believe how amazing Battlefield 4 on the PS4 looks... WAY better than the PS3.. That for me was worth it.

But I also have Killzone and Knack ( my daughter is loving it ) to play.

MaverickStar71825d ago

I first played COD Ghosts all weekend. I was impressed. There was a definite improvement over last gen, but not huge.

Then I put in Battlefield 4 yesterday. Holy F*** it was amazing. That sealed the deal for me there.

Moncole1825d ago

Or you can get a gaming PC and play it in 1080p.

yezz1825d ago

Oh piss off Moncole, why is it like an obsession for some people to come here and find a comment you can push your PC crap all over?!

Moncole1825d ago

I only do it when people go and bring up the graphics.

Spinal1825d ago

Moncole ur an idiot an u make us PC gamers look bad. I'm glad the console players are actually gettin a taste of the BF that we have experienced.

I'll get a PS4 down the road right now there's no game on it that I want to play.

Chrischi19881825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )


Whats the problem? Isnt it true? Dont you guys do the exact same thing in the Wii U area? Why is it legit to do so there, but not here? Fanboy pretty much?


PC gamers look so bad, because they always make PS4 gamers remember, they should not bash others, because of graphics, because if graphics are all that counts, then a PC is definitely a better fit and I dont even consider the better controlls in here.

Moncole1825d ago

So people are allowed to say PS4 is the best because it more powerful than the Xbox One and Wii U but I cant say PC is better because its more powerful than all of them?

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TheEnigma3131825d ago

Do you say things just to see how many down votes you can get? These pro and cons to early adopting and waiting.

TheEnigma3131825d ago

There are pros and cons to early adapting and waiting.

ThanatosDMC1825d ago

Bragging rights and my clanmates having better guns that I will have on BF4.

Mikey322301825d ago

Being and Early adopter of the PS3 had the benefit of the most quality premium consoles of the generation.

Had all kinds of features that were dropped each successive iteration

andrewsqual1825d ago

Or the first 4 and a half years in the 360's case before they fixed it by completely changing the awful design with the Slim one.

ScepticTankAvenger1825d ago

How so? I'm enjoying the shyte outta my console. You're gonna end up paying $400-$500 whether you buy it now or later so why not now? Besides, I wanna game before Bootcamp but that's just me!

Pandamobile1825d ago

F that. I don't buy consoles until they're dropped to half their launch price. I might consider getting a PS4 or Xbox One when they hit ~$250 in a couple years.

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AKR1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

With most electronics, it's always bad to buy it when it's first released.

It's a man-made product, meaning that there are more-than-likely bugs that need to be ironed out. Consoles are no different. The previously slow OS and freezing issues the Wii U had is an example. XBOX 360's RROD, anyone? Even PS4 is having its fair share of issues. These stuff happen.

My theory is: some people really just can't wait to get their hands on it. They REALLY want it. Others really want it, and just like to gloat about "having it first". Then you have the next set who simply want to buy it, to re-sell it for a higher price on Amazon or eBay.

GribbleGrunger1826d ago

Well statistically, this article has just been proven wrong.

Yep1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

Not for Wii U, if you couldn't predict the drought that ensued, but other than that, it's looking like Wii U had the best console launch of both these consoles based on aggregate reviews.

Yep1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

Funny how sales all of a sudden matter for some people yet they didn't matter for the Wii.

But yes, few bought it because there was very little marketing. On top of that, Nintendo's install base is much different from Sony or MS's.

Where as most of the initall 1,000,000 software sales went to Nintendo exclusives, most of PS4's software sales went to multiplatform games with COD racking up the most.

Says a lot.

Grandmaster-B1825d ago


Thats why Im waiting for March...InFamous 3/KZ:SF and hoping for MGS5.

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