Pokemon X and Y Instacheck Hotspot download for 100% shinys

Product-Reviews writes: It looks like a new method has been discovered, which claims to offer a 100% rate on capturing Shiny Pokemon in X and Y. It is all thanks to the Pokemon X and Y Instacheck Hotspot app, which uses your home WiFi connection to detect key details about your Pokemon X or Y game – specifically, the Shiny Value which is needed to hatch a Shiny from an egg.

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GreenRanger1822d ago

It scans your home WiFi? Can this be trusted?

tr00p3r1822d ago

Apparently yes.. it creates a separate hotspot from your WiFi, for your 3DS to specifically connect to and log your Pokemon data.

danswayuk1822d ago

Not sure about this, but going to give it a try

Oagoz1822d ago

Dang, people will do anything for a shiny Pokemon...

LAWSON721822d ago

When shinys are not rare they have no value after 5 minutes.

GreenRanger1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

This sounds really awkward.