Pach-Attack! Xbox Launch Special


What can we expect from the Xbox One release in just a few days? Pachter makes some last-minute projections!

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Bigpappy1522d ago

You are wrong on almost every point. You know nothing about gaming. you really should ask one of the kids on the street before talking gaming related stuff.

slate911521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Sorry i have to disagree with you. What was he wrong about? He was correct about not a lot of people believe the kinect is worth the extra $100. His opinion on xbox having a better launch line up was correct, in my opinion too of course. Xbox will probably be available in stores everywhere early january like he said. And ps4 is likely to sell more consoles in my opinion.

XxGOWxX1521d ago

In australia the ps4 is $550 and XBO is $600.
You also get fifa14 for free which will retail for between $80-$100.

So in australia at least you get the full value.

Arent you guys in the US getting forza? so are you really paying an extra $100 for kinect? on the MS site forza is $60us. So the price difference is really about $40 for the kinect which is much better value.

I do agree with the rest of your post though.

UltimateMaster1521d ago

I never consider an added game as an added 60$ worth of content simply because games loose their value quickly. I can wait a few months and end up paying half the price.

FamilyGuy1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

U.S. gamers aren't getting Forza bundled in for free, where did you hear or read that? Other countries are getting a Fifa 14 copy with their pre-orders if they pre-ordered in time and before they ran out of stock. U.S. gamers get nothing, they're already loyal so MS feels they don't need to schmooze/entice them in to buying the system by adding value like that.

redwin1521d ago

Well, I think it's true that Sony will sell more units. But I don't care because I really want that Xbox . Dead rising 3 looks good. Lol. I wonder if Milo will show up this new generstion. Ha!

Godmars2901521d ago

What I want are more RPGs and arcade style titles, which I don't really see MS supplying with their focus on multiplayer and online.

Sony likely also wont deliver in that regard, but efforts like Knack and Second Son hopefully suggest otherwise.

Dlacy13g1521d ago

I can't believe I am saying this but I am really looking forward to Dragon Age 3.... even after the trash that was Dragon Age 2. The video I have seen of DA3 looks amazing.