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The Last of Us Could Learn a Little Something from I Am Alive

The Last of Us is good, but it could learn a trick or two from I Am Alive, that short downloadable game about a guy surviving with a young girl in a post-apocalyptic world. (Dev)

lfisher92  +   737d ago
onyoursistersback  +   737d ago
"I am alive, can learn 1,000,000 from The Last of Us"
Valkyre  +   737d ago
And i am alive could learn 4058250245028502 things from the last of us.
Toon_Link  +   737d ago
I'm not even going to read this article, I just came here to lol.
EvilFluff91  +   737d ago
The only thing I Am Alive could teach Naughty Dog is how to make a crap game and I don't think Naughty Dog would be interested in that.
iceman1346  +   737d ago
DeletedAcc  +   737d ago
I Am Alive Could Learn a Little Something from The Last of Us
PR_FROM_OHIO  +   737d ago
Yea ok lol!!!
Mikelarry  +   737d ago
The Last of Us is good..... stop reading from there. the last of us was better than good
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BlackCountryBob  +   737d ago
So one of last of us best features in helping create tension (aiming is not that precise so try not to fight as you might not win) would be improved if you switched to fps when shooting? Maybe easier to get head shots, but somewhat missing the point of the game
harrisk954  +   737d ago
So, ND, the creator of one of the most highly acclaimed titles in history of gaming, could learn a few things from I am Alive, one of the worst reviewed games of last generation?

Wrong month, but April Fools?
MetalJedi  +   737d ago
I unfortunately read the article and every one is entitle to their opinion even when they're completely wrong. How many people even know the "I am Alive" is a game.
Inception  +   737d ago
Seriously, is this guy already played TloU? Allmost all the things he described in the article (conserving resources, etc) already been done in TloU, but better. Maybe it's the opposite for I am Alive.

"But even with these changes you still have to kill a ridiculous amount of people throughout The Last of Us. Naughty Dog was too hesitant to move away from traditional third-person shooter mechanics and to fully embrace resource management."

I played TloU on hard and survival diff without listen mode, but i don't have the luxury to 'kill a ridicilous amount of people' like the writer said. Even on the last stage i can't kill one single Firefies soldier because i only had a couple of bricks / bottle, some flamethrower, and smoke bomb. All shiv & guns empty without ammo because those crazy clickers on the subway really get on my nerve.

But it turns out i can finished the hospital stage entirely with stealth and throwing a couple of smoke bombs and bricks for distraction.
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Chapter11  +   737d ago
There really is such a thing as a wrong opinion. This is proof.
Brix90  +   737d ago
THIS GUY...lol
Harpers_Ferry  +   737d ago
I Am Alive had a few good ideas, but even then they didn't quite work out the way they were intended, which felt like the theme of the game. I'm one of the few people who actually enjoyed I Am Alive, but it was certainly more for it's ambition than execution.

I agree that seeing Naughty Dog take some of the ideas used in I Am Alive and actually pull them off in the inevitable sequel would be awesome. Unfortunately, this article reads like someone who is using an unpolished, damn near unfinished game to try to downplay the achievements of a successful one.
Zizi  +   737d ago
I think 'I Am Alive' is too simple compared to 'The Last of Us.' This opus from Naughty Dog feels and tastes brutally mesmerizing. Nonetheless, I ain't saying that 'I Am Alive' is bad, I just don't get a chance to finish it. Hahaha..
Game0N  +   737d ago

This headline made my day.
Adexus  +   737d ago
Even when it isn't compared to TLOU, I Am Alive is such a bad game.
Redempteur  +   737d ago
OK lol

that the kind of "opinions" that make me blacklist a website.
oldassgamer  +   737d ago
Did he really just say that?!

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