Calling out the press: Graphics no longer matter?


"I’ll just come right out and say it: gameplay trumps graphics every time. It’s always the games that define the console.


Since when have visuals and graphics not mattered? It would be wonderful if we lived in a gaming utopia, one where innovations in gameplay akin to the indie offerings were all we needed, but that’s simply not reality. In fact, it’s naive and downright wrong to state or believe that visuals aren’t a defining factor in video games.

Lately, it seems that a lot of the gaming press has tried very hard to quell or underplay any notion of the PlayStation 4 performing above the Xbox One, typically through criticism regarding resolution, frames per second, anti-aliasing, or anything else that could be used to break down the makeup of all this prettiness we see in games. Why?"

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Corpser1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

Did it matter when it's been 1080p on PC and sub-720p on ps3 and 360? Console gamers have been downplaying the difference this whole gen

Mr-Dude1791d ago

PC games will always be better, in graphics term. No console owner denies that. Only blind people

GamersRulz1791d ago

True! after a generation of massacring PS3 because missing AA or 2fps drop, and championing the 360 as the best multiplat console for the same reasons. magically 1080p vs 720p doesn't matter next generation (which is bigger difference than anything during PS3/360 era)! why?

add to that media backlash for PS3 because the following:

BD player and media (BD is not necessary) (we want gaming console not media player)

this generation X1 has media over gaming, lower specs and higher price and how does media react..

(Next gen is about services not chips!)
(1080p vs 720p doesn't matter)

and not a single media outlet dare to bash X1 price whic is embarrassment according to pathetically weak specs!

Godmars2901791d ago

Yeah, did notice that all the, "PS3 is too expensive" jokes finally died right after the XB1's price was announced...

theBAWSE1791d ago

American media has always twisted the news to favour Microsoft

gametrailers passing off ps3 footage as 360s

ps3 has too many media services it's a games console, xbone is great for having TV???????

rrod not as widespread.. errr over 40% defective rate is very much widespread

ps3 missing a frame.. oohh get it for 360

sessler saying 1080p matters finds out xbone has trouble doing it due to inferior hardware then comes out saying it doesn't matter forgetting he has been RECORDED saying it matters.

Microsoft using ps4 footage.. press say it's probably a mistake

digital foundry sabotaging ps4 footage to make it seem as if xbone is on par.. again they got caught

dead rising a next gen game has some of the worst frame drops of any game ever... gets a pass from the media

killzone is all graphics, ryse is graphics with repetitive uninspired game play yet media will give it a pass due to 'graphics'

this new gen is opening the eyes of many as to how bias the media are.. trust me it will get worse as the ps4 really shows its technical grunt over xbone.. you will hear nothing but excuses from the American media

Lowsnamebrand1791d ago

Completely different market my friend, I don't know many parents buying their kids new exspensive video cards, and you gotta take into consideration the people who don't want to work on a PC( I use that term lightly because its not hard) when they can get great(albeit not as great) graphics from a console. I'm a console gamer and I have a pretty decent gaming rig but I still enjoy my console moreover go figure lol

Deividas1791d ago

You cant compare Consoles and PC with graphics and Resolution. It wont matter because everyone knows PC will always be on top. Thats just fact.

But comparing 2 consoles that are close to equal, and one can play 1080p and one 720p...thats a difference that should be noticed. Remember 4K is being pushed as the new high end resolution, and 1080p has been a standard for a pretty large amount of time now. So still only being able to do 720p in this day and age, is not a very good thing, and will become apparent in the coming years

Pogmathoin1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

If you want groundbreaking and innovation, get PC.... Want convenience, get console.... Simple..

nasnas761791d ago

just proof that resolution isn't be-all-end-all, if it was they'd be on PC.

classic191791d ago

agreed, its 2014, pretty much, pc had 1080p sense what 06/07 something like that, it matters. the logical upgrade with pc is graphics right, so the logical upgrade with consoles is graphics right. ppl kills me, if that x1 can't run 1080p 60 frames then its not next gen. 500 bucks my ass. i find it funny how ppl would say how multiplats looked hella better on 360, now that the ps4 is looking good its oh graphics don't matter, lol tell a female what don't matters. like i said you right, we console players what that grand pc experience anyway we can have it.

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Mr-Dude1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

Last gen it mattered, especially in the multiplatform titels. But apparently this new generation it isn't that important all of a sudden...

classic191791d ago

lol agreed, it don't matter, because its ps4 who is top dog in that run. you had devs telling you why multiplats was better on 360, now it don't matter. both consoles will be good, but im going where 1080p is more likely to be achieved and thats ps4.

Computersaysno1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

If it doesn't matter, nobody buy a new more powerful console.

Then they will just have to keep making games for the rest of eternity for PS3 and Xbox 360. Won't they?

This will happen.


Graphics are only part of the upgrade in games, better hardware means a developer can do better physics, or AI, or smoother, bigger world, with more detail and potentially, better and more complex character interaction for one.

Really it should be- does better hardware matter?

Yes. Yes it bloody well does for the advancement of video gaming which in itself is technologically driven....

1791d ago
DrRobotnik1791d ago

If that were the case, everyone would still have an Atari 2600 and PC graphics card makers would be obsolete.

Computersaysno1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )


Did we build early cars and go, there you go, it works. What more do you want? It drives just fine at 10mph.

Whaddaya mean you want it to go faster? Start it easier, what a few broken wrists now and again isn't alright? A roof and a heater? What for, you have a hat and coat don't you? Pneumatic Tyres? You don't need them, the wheels still go around. So it belches out loads of smoke and guzzles fuel. Still works doesn't it?


We're humans, anything technological has to be made better or we may as well have just stayed in our caves painting on the walls with our fingers with dinosaur poop. Central heating and hot and cold running electricity, whats the point of that anyway?

corvusmd1791d ago

Well it's true that in the large scale of things, the differences in graphics aren't as important....and that gameplay will always be more important. If the main factor is graphics you'd go PC. Comparing graphics would be important if the difference was between PS4 and PS2 or the first XBox...however, being that in most cases no one can even notice a difference between XB1 and PS4 even when paused and looked at with a magnifying glass. The only difference is more of a marketing console can say that it's native 1080p and one is up-scaled. If it was a massive difference it would matter, but it isn't by any means at the end result. Especially when you consider all the other factors that make gaming fun, like a solid network, exclusives, controller, and frame rate. For example, in technical aspects you can say that graphically the PS4 version of Ghosts is superior, but unless you are playing them side by side, and pause and magnify, you won't notice....if you play them side by side, you'll actually notice more framerate dips and glitches on the PS4 version. However, if you still prefer the fact of knowing that PS4 is native 1080p because someone told you, then that's fine, but your console will be working harder and hotter and is that important enough to be playing a primarily MP game P2P instead of on dedicated servers?
Graphics are important, but with how small the margin of difference is, it's not THAT important...if the game isn't fun, who cares how beautiful it is.

GamersRulz1791d ago

let me give you a simple example about the power required to run 1080p vs 720p game.

PS4 running game is like rendering X1 (720p) game 2.5 times for every frame. I'll make it more clear...PS4 is like creating exact X1 image on 3 Tvs at the same time (2.5 tvs to be exact) now THATS a difference as big as PS2 vs Xbox.

WalterWJR1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

the difference between 720p and 1080p is not 2.5. it's closer to 1.5. 1280x720 x 2.5 does not = 1920x1080 ;)

its a lot easier to measure performance in frames. for example it takes twice the power to run 30fps to 60fps.

GamersRulz1791d ago


1080p = 2,073,600 pixels
720p = 921,600 pixels

2,073,600/921,600 = 2.25 (which is 2.25 times!)

LordMaim1791d ago

It's actually 2.25, but you're right. Walter, you forgot that it's more screen real estate in two dimensions, not just one. Its an exponential difference.

GTgamer1791d ago

I wanted to read what you said but ummmm i saw a glimpse of dedicated servers and knew where your rant was going so let me break this down for you Sony has and can even create more Servers so they can always improve on that but if the X1 is underpower theirs only so much a dev can do don't be surprised when more demanding games run 720p only on the X1 in the the near future like (Destiny/Witcher3/Thedevision and etc.

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