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Rich Drummond of Richie D Rants says:

"If there was one title that I was looking forward to more than any for the PlayStation 4, it was NBA 2K14. I have been a fan of the 2K brand for years now and their yearly basketball title holds a special place in my heart. The pressure was on the folks at 2K for the leap into next gen in my eyes and I’ll be honest, they exceeded my expectations ten fold...."

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Snookies121824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Man this game looks good. I'm not very much into sports games, but you better believe I'm going to buy this when I get a PS4. Bravo 2K.

NinjaRichParty1824d ago

Yeah, I've enjoyed my time with game so much. It's such a blast.

Deividas1824d ago

Absolutly love this game. But do have one complaint, they got rid of Association mode and put in MyGM mode can no longer change how many games you have in the season. I usually do 28 games in a season and now have to do 82...kind of a pain in the ass but still a great game