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"Dead Rising 3 offers a highly entertaining zombie slaying experience. The undead are relentless in their attack and also in their numbers. The character count, wild bosses and weapon customization are what make this game a riot to play. The co-op feature is the icing on the cake and guarantees hours of fun seeing who can create the most devastating or ridiculous weapon. Can you survive the zombie apocalypse?" -BootHammer

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DonMingos1771d ago

This game looks like it won't disapoint anyone who is planning to buy it. Great news!

I really don't plan to buy a Xbox One in the near future, but I must admit DR3 is the launch game that appealed most to me on all consoles. Other one that intrigues me is Quantum Break, I've loved all Remedy games until now, maybe that comes to PC also like Alan Wake.

aviator1891771d ago

And with that Day 1 patch to eliminate a good number of framerate issues, it'll be even better.

I'm still deciding between this and ryse. I already have forza 5 locked down, just need to decided between these two.

Vojkan1771d ago

hated first two, horrible games. Doubt this is much better

1771d ago
BootHammer1771d ago

The graphics aren't on par with some of the next gen releases such as BF4 or Shadow Fall, but it has different strengths. Its character count is very impressive, as is the weapon customization. And as I also pointed out in my review, it doesn't hurt that zombie popularity is at all time high now. Bottom line, it's a great launch title!

scott1821771d ago

Looks good, I loved the first two.

Dragonborn3121771d ago

This game is going to be a lot of fun.

BootHammer1771d ago

Fun it is! You have to try out the co-op feature =)

Dragonborn3121771d ago

Yeah I am very excited to play co-op. It kinda sucks though for me that most of my friends are getting the Xbox One not at launch but instead later so I am going to have to wait to play it with my good friends.

lifeisgamesok1771d ago

I knew I made the right choice by buying this game

I'm 100% sure on Ryse too

I want to just say screw it and get Forza too but my pockets won't like that much

unjust751771d ago

Hated the first 2 and this doesn't look next gen. So why didn't they just put it on 360.