The Daily Five: PS4 Improvements That Need to Happen

"Yet we can’t help but feel that it can stand to improve a bit. Don’t get us wrong — the PS4 is the most feature-complete machine Sony has produced out of the gate, and we’re very happy with it overall. Now that we’ve been hands-on with its bevy of next-gen features, though, there are a few ways that the experience can be streamlined." - Joe Garcia

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GiantEnemyCrab1770d ago

Some good suggestions. The PS Button jumping right to the context is a great one.

My #1 is DLNA support. If it is going to be at the center of my living room it needs this.

Saigon1770d ago

I am sorry, I think those suggestions were very weak. I think most people who do not know, or forget that the PS3 didn't have most of these features when it first launched; but to each their own.

MestreRothN4G1770d ago

Pausing downloads. It is actually quite absurd that we can't do it today.

Deividas1770d ago

Im actually just curious, why would you need to pause a download? I dont think i rememeber the last time i ever paused a download on any device.

StockpileTom1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

I do it all the time to prioritize different programs/media. Unfortunately it is nearly impossible to get great internet speeds in SE Louisiana at this time. It is plenty enough for gaming but it is woefully inadequate for large download and even moderately sized uploads.

With that being said I don't find it too odd that it doesn't currently support that feature and I wouldn't put it on the top of a short list of wanted features that the PS4 is lacking.

MestreRothN4G1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Priorities is the answer.

Today I had about 30 GB in my downloads list in 5, 6 games. Well, I wanted to do them one by one, so I could play a game soon instead of watching all of them downloading at 1/5 of my top speed and take forever to finish.

It will happen basically every time someone has two items on the list and want one quickly.

Also sometimes you don't want to spend your bandwidth (you or someone may be needing full speed on something else) and want to keep the ps4 on.

Finally, a considerable amount of players still has daily/monthly traffic limits.

LeoDDestroyer1770d ago

I do it on steam or origins when I have several twitch stream open.

FamilyGuy1770d ago

The PS4 makes a group of downloads, like 5, all download at the same time, I'd prefer the ability to pause a couple so I can get the smaller downloads done before the bigger ones or if I'm on my laptop and want to download something or stream an HD video it would be nice not to have to turn off my console or completely cancel the download just so I can give priority to some other internet related task.

The PS3 gave these options and they're missing from the PS4. They're very convenient to have though my most desired feature would be digital video file playback and media server support.

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ShowGun9011770d ago

I'm still really happy with my ps4, gimme 6 months then it'll probably bug me... Right now it's a parallelogram angel lol

StockpileTom1770d ago

Since they added in the social features of this console I would definitely like to have to ability to create list/filters for the friends list so I can adjust what information is shared and not shared within each group.

The second thing I would like to see is the ability to change PSN names for perhaps a $20 fee and a limit of once per year. I imagine this would be difficult for them to implement if their databases across their SEN servers aren't setup correctly for it. (if you have ever setup a database for an online game you probably have a general idea on what kind of problems could arise)

XxRebelSinxX1770d ago

Well those improvements won't happen until the Xbox One comes out, because Sony needs to see what they are doing first. They will need to try and copy all of Xbox Live service, because Sony is a me too company. Just look at the history of the Sony Playstation (1,2,3,4) All systems have copied something from another console and tried to claimed it was better as if they did it first. PS4 Xmb is not that great, its not even better than Xbox 360 menu. I love all of the fanboys hating Xbox One when it has the balls to try new things. Thats what next gen is (new features!) Not a ps3 graphics card update (Yes it is) The greatest thing on the PS4 is that you can play games remote play on the Vita. Honestly, my PS4 is great, it holds me over until the Xbox One arrives, lol (Hit disagree if you love the Xbox One!)

Wolfbiker1770d ago

Yeah because Kinect totally wasn't anything like the Playstation Eye Toy.

Playstation has innovated more than you think like memory cards, the dual shock controller and obviously the DVD player and Blu Ray player. Xbox has done well but Xbox Live and Kinect (both their big "innovations") are only upgrades over Dreamcasts online and Playstations Eye Toy.

jessupj1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Remind me again, how many 180s did MS have to do in order to match the much more popular PS4 just so they could actually sell the console?

That's what I thought.

And I didn't realise screwing over consumers and dictating what they could and couldn't do with the games THEY bought was "having the balls to try something new".

MS apologists never seem to amaze me. I hope you stick with your xbone so I can game on the PS4 knowing I won't bump into you online.

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