Young Justice: Legacy Available Now

Game Publisher Little Orbit has officially released Young Justice: Legacy. Take on the role of your favorite DC Comics Young Justice character on either your PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, or PC for $39.99 or for $29.99 on the Nintendo 3DS.

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sypher1791d ago

The 3DS version is the exact same game then, only downscaled?

I'll pick it up, loved the series whilst it was on.

Protectobot1791d ago

YES, I hope so! I want this game on the go. I'm going to try it tomorrow in the store at Gamestop and will keep it if I like it, AND upload vids under my user name (same on YT). NOBODY has upload youtube vids for the 3DS version yet, but the game looks kinda fun on console and I loved the YJ show :D I hope the controls aren't too weird cos Little Orbit said the 3DS version will have the same graphics and art but will use the 3DS's special controls...hope that's in a good way!

Protectobot1791d ago

I just read online from someone who has this game on the 3DS...he said it's semi-turn-based! You can move around freely and attack and defend but you sort of have to wait for your enemies to attack you before you can keep attacking. He said the game sucks on the 3DS and the console version looks much better to him, but he's getting used to the portable gameplay style...

maniacmayhem1791d ago

RIP Young Justice.

What a travesty that this show was cancelled. I will never forgive CN for that crime.