Gamers - Is It So Hard to Be Quiet and Just Have Fun?

I find it so interesting as to how so many gamers come on the Net every single day to rant and rave about their console of choice. I mean, seriously. The way some of them go up in arms and preach about their favorite console/company honestly would make you think that they have some family attachment to it.

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SpinalRemains1381799d ago

Is that guy in the picture taking a dump?

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1799d ago

Gamers - Is It So Hard to Be Quiet and Just Have Fun?

Not when xbox fanboys act like 12 year olds and post rubbish which shows they dont have a clue what they are talking about.

Snookies121799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Xbox fanboys? I think you mean fanboys in general, whether they're Xbox, Sony, Nintendo, PC, Mobile, etc. They all act like 12 year old spoiled brats that can't have fun unless they can justify their console purchase by putting others down about theirs.

Ravenor1799d ago

I didn't realize stupidity was platform exclusive.

Max-Zorin1799d ago

I wish. Unfortunately gamers today are like wasps. They attack you just for the hell of it.

hay1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Nah, it's just retarded thinking doing that. Ever seen agressive footbal fans beating out other team fans? Similar antagonism.
"My choice is better than yours! Eat sh*t!"

I'd say it's a fear of creating new synaptic links in one's brain. It opens to stuff, you know, and that's a one way road, forward.

Bubbamilk1798d ago

That's not true!!! Wasps benefit this world and are productive creatures.

I've never seen a wasp spend all day on a couch crying about nothing

We are lucky to be alive because that wasp would be a dead wasp!!!

Dragonborn3121799d ago

Yeah I do not understand why so many people these days have to hate on others who do not share their same views and interests. This is a great time for all gamers, so lets just have fun and enjoy the games!

IWentBrokeForGaming1799d ago

Man I don't remember any of this s#!t in the Sega/Nintendo days!

JohnnyTower1799d ago

You must be too young then. I remember when mortal kombat had blood in the sega versions and not the snes. People tripped the F out.

IWentBrokeForGaming1798d ago

Oh I'm 29 I was there since my dad got me on Intelevision! I remember the MK fiasco but it was only a blip on the radar! It didn't create all out war between the consoles though! I loved Sega and never owned a SNES! But if you look back SNES wiped the floor with Sega when it came to games provided!

CrossingEden1799d ago

Apparently it is, i've seen so many users say "i'm off this site as soon as the ps4 comes out" and those same people have become even more aggressive and trollish despite having new ps4s. You'd think they'd devote all their time to it instead of attacking people like me on a daily basis.

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