PS4 Blue Light: Hardware Problems, Pt. II

If you have had an Xbox, you heard of the infamous Red Ring of Death: a three-light ring that basically meant that your Xbox was out of luck. Wet towels across the internet rallied. While the PS4 is not the Xbox 360, it is facing similar issues. With launch day drama imminent, the PS4 is continuing down the bumbly path of bad hardware.

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SpinalRemains1381826d ago

SONY lost prestige with a 1% failure rate?

That's ridiculous and just not true.

iiwii1826d ago

It has to be a "for clicks" article. Everyone seems to be doing a "me too" version just to get attention and ad clicks. I didn't even bother with the story.

UltimateMaster1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

I stopped reading at xbox 360 and rrod.
It's nowhere near as bad.
Drama Queen.

thereapersson1826d ago

"...continuing down the bumbly path of bad hardware"

Pixelvolt should be publicly flogged for writing such a sensationalist article.

PS3n3601826d ago

Relax man the article doesn't say sony lost prestige. It says sony can "retain" its prestige meaning it had and continues to have it.

Shazz1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

Too much doom and gloom about ps4 but im counting the days till next Friday and i get mine :))

Ketzicorn1826d ago

Around 90 percent of the problems were on Amazon and they have about 700 legitimate complaints of the Blue light. This issue has been very overblown.

classic191826d ago

yea way overblown, lol the world these days. give the system 6 months to a year, when its around 4 to 8 million ps4 in the world.

christrules00411826d ago

It's like even for a 5% failure rate there would be 50,000 bad units. If there was that many faulty PS4s the internet would be blowing up right now.

jessupj1826d ago

The media has definitely overblown this for clicks and ad revenue, but lets pretend for a moment it's as serious as the media is claiming.

Sony basically gives you a brand new replacement, very few questions asked.

So really, what's the big deal? You're out of a console for a few days when you were eagerly anticipating next gen. Sure it sucks, but it's not the end of the world.

Sony's consumer friendly behavior has just cemented my decision to support them even more.

ltachiUchiha1826d ago

So wait have the recalled the ps4 yet? If I remember the 360 was supported to have been recalled but microsoft instead put a billion dollars for a 2 year warranty for rrod. Thats how bad it was. I dont think the ps4 problems is as big.

ltachiUchiha1826d ago

^^^Too many spelling errors on my part, sorry lol.

ShowGun9011826d ago

It's not that bad, problem is everyone is now bitching with the power of the internet and anybody with a healthy ps4 is too busy having a blast to get online and defend it... Until I hear of sony taking legitimate ACTION to do something out of the ordinary to fix this, I'm not going to give this much (any) weight...

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