Mario Goes To School: Nintendo Working On Android Tablet For “Educational Gaming”

New tweets from Nintendo of America software engineer Nando Monterazo reveal that Nintendo is working on an Android Tablet for educational games.

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Axonometri1851d ago

This is smart. Nintendo knows where their numbers are. The only competition is leapfrog and recently announced Google lesrning.

Thehyph1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

I agree. This is smart. Google keeps going forward in the field of education. Definitely the right people to collaborate with.

The primary reason for my adoration of Google Inc. is their ever deepening push for education.

Education is the single most powerful tool out there to make the world a better place.

link2Dpast1851d ago

I probably would of finished school or even stay in class if we had this lol this will be very helpful. I've worked with kids and adding this can help a whole lot; Because the education system is leaps behind where they should be.