Forza Motorsport 5 Raw Gameplay Videos

Getting pumped for Forza 5's Friday release? Here are three naked gameplay videos so you can see what the game looks like, unedited.

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Maddens Raiders1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

I'll probably get bubble raped but I have to speak my mind on this one.

In the first video @ Le Mans it seems that the crowd and entire set pieces are removed from the rear view mirror in cockpit mode (sometimes the stands are still there but the crowd is gone?). Also the tyre smoke looks like smoke from a campfire and comes in small patches which is just a little weird and the physics of the Lexus sliding around the tarmac at speed (at the beginning of the race) seems a bit disingenuous with the rear left tyre hitting sand and nothing happening at all. I'm not a Forza veteran and maybe someone can tell me if this has always been the case, but why is your manager or part of the pit crew on the tarmac cheering you on at the start of the race? Who does that? What's up with those collision sounds?

The second vid at Laguna Seca just reminded me why I'm glad that "free for all" liveries aren't a part of all other sims as these cars, wrapped in the liveries of their owner's creations, look a bit unprofessional and others dare I say, downright horrid (backwards facing flames on the RX-8?).

And lastly, who in the hell did they have driving these cars? The person seems drunk or completely disinterested in making these /race car sim/ videos look good. They should have filmed a much better driver. Why does the music sound like you should be fighting dragons or platforming?

Snookies121853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

Wow man, you're completely right. The fans disappearing in the rear view mirror was what got me most... You see all those people and then it's just barren. They have some real work to do if they want to get this right. I used to really like Forza, this entry is not looking like a quality title though. At least not in terms of being next-gen.

Ketzicorn1853d ago

I played this and Killer Instinct today at the MS store and I liked Killer Instinct a lot even though I sucked at it but Forza looked good to me beforehand and the rumble trigger was cool but I came away very underwhelmed by Forza. It looked good not outstanding IMO and it got boring very quick and found myself switching back to KI.

solidsheep1853d ago

"backwards facing flames" Still not as bad as the golf he hits at 2:41 with food finish paint job....

clae11853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

I think the videos are from IGN and like the one on gamespot videos, they said it was a debug kit that was given to them and do not represent the final product. That might answer ur first question.

Regarding liveries the forza community has very good painters be it original, race replicas ect.. so no worries with that, they just probably tested and played with the editor. I read on the forums that in single player u can choose to turn off liveries.

This videos do not give justice to the game, it's way better when u see it in person. I haven't read any thing that would say otherwise, almost all articles would start by praising how good the game looks.

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Metfanant1853d ago

it looks good...will be an amazing game...but to be honest...if you told me it was running on the 360 i would believe you...

2pacalypsenow1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

Could be the video quality but the graphics look like last gen..... cars still look plastic
The lighting is good tho it looks like GT5 and that was a last gen game...

Gran Touring1853d ago

The game looks good, and I'm looking forward to trying it out. But I must profess, as an owner of a 2009 Mazda RX8 R3 myself (the same as those in the second video) it doesn't sound anything like a rotary. But otherwise the game looks great

brich2331853d ago

These arent raw gameplay videos, they are compressed. go to for raw footage and select download option

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