Can you build a gaming PC better than the PS4 for $400?

As you probably know by now, the PS4 is essentially a $400 PC. It has an x86 PC CPU, a standard PC GPU, and the same kind of RAM that you’d find on a PC graphics card. There are a few custom chips on the PS4′s motherboard, but for the most part it’s just a normal PC with some custom software. This led me to wonder… could you actually build a comparable PC for $400? More importantly, given how Sony has crippled the PS4′s home theatre functionality, is it possible to build a PC for $400 that is actually better for games and as a living room media box?

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zeal0us1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

Nope. It would a huge waste of time building this $400 machine. Not to mention this thing would still lack features exclusively for the PS4 and the PS4 exclusives themselves.

Just enjoy your platform of choice and stop battling other platforms.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

The real question is can you build a PC and get Sony's great exclusive games like ND, Sucker Punch, SSM etc. The answer is NO.

zeal0us1485d ago

The real question is why should you waste your time building something like this?

If you got a PC just enjoy it. There's no need to boast about power.

If you got a PS4 just enjoy it. There's no need to boast about exclusives.

We all should just enjoy our platform of choice and stop with the senseless boasting.

guitarded771485d ago

Or better yet, own as many as possible and play everything you want/can. Then you become a gamer.

mattdillahunty1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

i always find these types of questions ridiculous and pointless. it's like asking if you could build a Lamborghini with the budget of a Chevy Malibu. i know that sounds like i'm being really negative about consoles, but it's true. if you want more power and performance, you have to pay a premium for it.

no, you probably couldn't build a PC that's more powerful than the PS4 if you only spend $400 on it. PC's cost more, because....wait for get what you pay for. they have their perks, and higher performance and hardware are some of them. cost comes with that. one of the perks of consoles is that you get decent performance for a very reasonable price. you get what you pay for in both situations, but that's fine.

ShinMaster1485d ago

It wouldn't be the same.
PCs lack identity whereas a console provides a more unique experience as well as console exclusives. There are communities and fanbases surrounding a console.

You just can't replicate a console experience

ChrisW1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

W/ zeal0us...

Why waste your time? If you're going to build a gaming PC, go all out! Spend $1,000 or more on the tower innards itself!

Oh, and I'm surprised no one is mentioning OS. A Win OS will cost you about $100+...

However, there's a gaming exclusive OS that's FREE; Steam OS*.

*not yet available...

Rageanitus1485d ago

I play on all platforms consoles and PC, and all I can say is the real ANSWER to this whole scenario is if you cut out PC gaming your missing alot more VS if you cut out PS4.

There is just so much you can do on a PC gaming rig. yes you have to spend a bit more but is not hard to build a gaming at a decent budget.

HammadTheBeast1485d ago

LOL Check out the comments on the site.

Basically they took the crappiest parts possible, added in a GPU that takes more power than the PC has to offer (it won't turn on) and is basically hypothetical to the max.

Sarcasm1485d ago

Even with a $3000 PC that plays games at 120fps won't ever have games that the PS offers.

AndrewLB1485d ago

Yea, and the PS4 misses out on 20 years of exclusives made for the PC platform, which I might add has never rendered our older software non-usable. Plus on PC you can play any NES, SNES, Genesis, Neo-Geo, Jaguar, Dreamcast, PS1, PS2, N64, PSP, TG-16, etc game ever made.

As for the article, I understand that he's trying to shut up the hoards of fanboys who constantly say it would cost thousands of dollars to build a PC equivalent to the PS4.

But in all honesty, why would you want to? The PC platform is outstanding and by building a system within a $400 budget is going to pretty much leave you with a cheap-a$$ PC that would have issues with the most modern PC games. People don't quite understand how much more detailed PC games are than these "next gen" consoles when the graphics are on ultra. 1.8tflops doesn't cut it in that respect. Heck, a few games out there eat up all 3.8tflops my GPU can do.

SlapHappyJesus1485d ago

Let's please not talk exclusives when it comes to PC and console.
For every ten games you get for any specific console, if that, per year, there were a hundred+ quality indie and AAA releases that never were even planned for console.
There is a reason I game on PC and then, eventually, buy consoles. Not the other way around.
I am a gamer and I want to play everything that interests me. Like you, I go with the platform I feel has the games I most want to play, call it my main, and then look at everything else as secondary. That said, again, there is no argument to be made against PC and its list of exclusives. That can't be made a pro for the system, because it is all preference. You can, however, make an argument about amount of exclusives.

SirBradders1485d ago

To all the commentors above Im not bashing but there are things called emulators and if you want to be legit you can buy the exclusives and convert them from disc to rom so yeah the PC pretty much plays anything.
I know im gonna get a lot of disagrees and buthurt fanboys not like this comment but it is a FACT and i am just simply stating it.
Just for your information ive probably supported sony,ninty & MS more than most people on the planet.

slayorofgods1484d ago

Get whatever you want. The PC isn't going to drive Sony out of business and PC gaming is going to stay strong.

Sony and MS are going to have big years with out the wii sensation. But, make no mistake, the PC has also gained a lot of momentum and to a lot of companies (thanks in part to steam) it has become a viable source of income for game companies.

mohuzas1484d ago

considering the fact that they plan to stream Playstation games to PC in the future via Gaikai, yes :P

webeblazing1484d ago

don't really get why theres always a article like this especially know how bias this site is to pc gamers.
I don't really get the point people saying about exclusives either. people usually buy multiplat and pc has more exclusives its is about preference so why people choose to always bring up exclusive when pc come into play n tout about gfx when it comes to xbone and wiiU

I been gaming on the ps3 since launch and I buy mostly ps exclusive but most of them don't have anything special about it. I would say Nintendo win in that scenario, but we know people are not going to give props to another console that's no sonys

Sony3601484d ago

Same applies to the PS4 not having great PC exclusives.

R6ex1484d ago

PC - Dirt-cheap games on Steam, though hardware cost more. Upgradable. Few exclusives. Awesome graphics. Intermittent controller support.

Console - Expensive games, though hardware is cheap. Non-upgradable. More exclusives. Ok graphics. Full controller support.

Conclusion: Choose wisely or buy both.

jebabcock1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

One piece here that pc gamers always neglect to mention is that a console is highly optimized for gaming... it doesn't run some bloated os that has half a million Unnecessary background processes constantly... This has always been the advantage along with a uniform architecture so that code is also optimized... These two points are exactly why you would need to pay significantly more and get significantly better hardware to get the same performance out of a pc. It will never be an apples to apples comparison...

Aside from that the markup on the components for a pc that matched the ps4 would cost considerably more since sony is taking a slight loss whereas each pc part would be sold with a sizeable profit margin...

I really wish these ridiculous comparison comments would cease.

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dedicatedtogamers1485d ago

Nope. 8 GBs of the PS4's RAM would cost at least $150 off the shelf. The processor, another $150, the mobo, another 100, $50 for the hard drive, $50 for the case...$50 for wires and a cheap power supply.

And even then, you'd still be left with a very mediocre PC.

ChrisW1485d ago

If you are talking about regular PC RAM, 16Gbs of DDR3-2133 (the fastest DDR3 available) will cost you about $150. However, that is quite different from GDDR5, which PS4 uses.

Dehnus1485d ago

70 bucks for 16gigs of DDR3-2100mhz. But that might just be us Europeans, we shop smarter, not harder/hoarder ;).

Reverent1485d ago

It doesn't matter anyways because you can't just buy GDDR5 RAM. So that alone is why this setup doesn't work. But that's just one reason. The comment section of this article does a great job at pretty much dismantling everything the article says. PC elitists might be a dickish bunch, but they know their ways around technology.

neoandrew1485d ago

"you can't just buy GDDR5 RAM"

Doesn't matter, you just buy a gpu with 2gb gddr5.

theEx1Le1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

You pay 150 for a 8 core 1.6ghz processor then your an idiot

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ATiElite1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race!

"Can you build a gaming PC better than the PS4 for $400?"

NOPE! but....for $530 I can build a Gaming PC that will outperform a PS4!

Does a $530 Gaming PC have PS4 Exclusives? NO

Does a PS4 have the ability to burn a DVD, Encode video, rip music from any source, Do your taxes, run a business, write a term paper, and Play PC Exclusives? NO

So it all depends on what you wanna do!

Comparing a PS4 to a PC is silly but some people just LOVE it and totally forget that a PC does more than JUST PLAY games as a way to make a Gaming Toy have more value than a Multi-tasking Tool.

I need my PC's for other things more important than Gaming.

zeal0us1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

Glorious God Gamers are 1,000,000,000,000 better than your master race.

All jokes aside I'm with you. I definitely need my PC for other things more important than gaming.
I got two projects I need to finish making and not to mention a term paper I need to type. A few more weeks left and I will have my AAS in CIT.

karl1485d ago

who doesnt have a pc on its house .. its 2013..

that pc already does all that

we are talking about a gaming pc... yeah sure i will probably get rid of my old pc when building one

but my mediocre pc already does all those thing soo i can just keep playing my ps4.

tubers1485d ago


lol I actually asked about that in SW gamespot.

Apparently there is a "God Race", the race to have and rule them all.

Also, it's pretty niche but multi monitor is crack so much real estate for just about anything.

itisallaboutps1485d ago

Dont get me wrong I also have a gaming pc. But really? Anyone has a cheap laptop that will do those things except for gaming. You bragged about them as if only a high end pc could do those simple task and I love the social experience my ps4 gives me. I can cross gamechat with friends while playing fifa and switch between games in 10 seconds. Pc can't beat the ps4 and xbox experience. The pc does however have mods which I love and cheap downloads. But for 400 bucks you can't get close to a ps4 atleast not until a few years

Somebody1485d ago

I'm bracing for the "PC is Dead" articles to re-surface. I expect them to pop out in number next year as both next gen consoles receive more games but SteamOS might make things interesting.

aquamala1484d ago

Comparison is silly because on one platform you have to pay $50 a year to play online, factor that in (8 years?) and PC gaming is not more expensive

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gamesR4fun1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

ya its not even close to the beastly ps4 as quoted from the article.

"From the get-go, we have a problem: The APU in the PS4 is unique. It pairs an 8-core Jaguar CPU with, essentially, the Radeon HD 7850. The best AMD APU currently on the market (the Richland A10-6800K) has about one third of the processing power of the PS4′s GPU. There are no 8-core Jaguar parts on the market — only the quad-core Kabini A6-5200, which is paired with an even weaker GPU than the A10. Kaveri, when it comes to market in January 2014, will be a closer match — but the PS4 will still have around twice the graphics grunt. In short, we’re forced to use a CPU and discrete GPU. It just got a lot harder to hit our $400 target.

The other big problem is the 8GB of GDDR5 RAM, which has an utterly insane peak bandwidth of 176 gigabytes per second. There is no way to build a PC with such a configuration. In the PS4, the RAM is used by both the CPU and GPU in a HSA 2.0 configuration, providing a sizable speed boost – an option that isn’t available to the PC world until Kaveri launches. It’s important to note that even if we could slot some GDDR5 RAM into a PC motherboard, it would probably be much more expensive than conventional DDR3."

ATiElite1485d ago

1. Sorry bro the AMD 8 core jaguar is already outdated as AMD announced Jaguars replacement.

2. The ONLY reason the PS4's Jaguar is 8 cores is to help future proof it but most importantly the PSu maxes at 250 watts so therefore it's CPU's are low watt like Laptops and running at 2ghz

3. You do not want to even compare a 8 core AMD versus a Core i7 with Hyper threading because what you will see is a FRIGGIN MASSACRE. Intel is TOO DOMINATE!

but here it is any way and this is NOT even Intels Best CPU. after viewing link you can change CPU's.

I used a 8 core AMD vs. a 4 Core i7 3770

PS4 still has plenty of CPU power for now and in the future as games are using more GPU power.

The GPU is handling Rendering and even physics.

jebabcock1484d ago

This would be valid if the ps4 ran on Windows 8... Last I checked it didn't... is Windows even optimized for 8 cores? There are alot of factors that you leave out of your argument...

gamesR4fun1484d ago

sure you can pump more gigawats with a high end pc but the games will always lag to keep up
like the uber computer guy said their only a few games that can use it and those are just upscaled versions of the same game
gta5 will own on the pc but console owners get ta play it now... see what I mean

meh its usless talkin sense to a fanboy and for the record its in no way ironic I'm replying to myself.

MRMagoo1231485d ago

Its very not possible lol have you seen that junk, plus the pc would last a month before it died from those parts , they didnt have an OS either.

ZBlacktt1485d ago

I lol'd at this ghetto attempt.

LonChaneyTV1485d ago

I say in a year or so you can be 3x the power of consoles for cheap.

PCs are not cheap upfront, but you can save lots of money going with digital services.

LonChaneyTV1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

"Can you build a gaming PC better than the PS4 for $400?"

Add $600 to that and that's how much 10 new games will cost you. PC gaming also has the advantage of backwards compatibility, even after i upgrade my steam games will load up and i don't have to repurchase my games.

consoles are good for Exclusives but other than that PCs have the upper hand. In 2 years time you build a strong PC for cheap.

AD7051485d ago

Not to mention pc has a slew of exclusives as well and usually the better multiplats and better online.

Besides exclusives for the most part are just overhyped crap that gets played once and never again.

tubers1485d ago

PC doesn't have paywalled services from PS+ and XBL

LOL Cloud saves and paying for some apps and paying "again" for internet.

I'm more lenient to PS+ since the multi-platform (PS3/PSV/PS4) freaking meaty enough for me.

jebabcock1484d ago

I think a more reasonable comparison performance wise would be with a ps3 for under 400.

ZBlacktt1485d ago

The PS4 is $340 btw.... The Dual Shock 4 is $60. Hence the $399 price tag.

PSX041485d ago

no we can't build gaming PC for 400$

CERN1485d ago

They forgot to include operating system, blu ray player, game pad, and even then the performance won't be the same as the operating system has to share the CPU, GPU and RAM. Where as the PS4 is a closed system, games are only going to look better down the line. Compare first generation ps3 games like cod to games like battlefield 4, the last of us, god of war ext. and then you have the exclusives and so on, in the end your spending $550+. Waste of money I say. Ether buy a ps4 and get better value or build a better pc.

sigfredod1485d ago

This article failed big, bussines rule: never assume that a customer already have something, he didn't include the value of the cables, power, hdmi, micro usb, you should have a controller somewhere? maybe but if not? and if i have it will not have sixaxis function or a touchpad, all that have value, no optical drive? the ps4 have a very fast BD and that have a value, big fail, and where is the secondary processor with the 2 Gb? really crappy article

deecee331484d ago

The article is correct that you can build a roughly PS4 equivalent machine, but it'll cost slightly more, like $500-600. I built one when my PS3 went up in smoke, so I'm not just guessing. The hardware in my machine could probably be gotten for even less than $500 now because my machine is a year old which is ages in the PC space.

Also, the GDDR not being available isn't an issue. I have a GPU with 2GB GDDR5 and it runs every current game on ultra at 60fps, which is higher detail than the console versions of BF4 are pushing (If I recall, DICE said the next-gen consoles run BF4 on the equivalent of "medium" settings on the PC). It always amuses me how every console generation it's implied that consoles will outperform a same-spec PC, but somehow tons of corners are cut to make console games run flawlessly on the hardware- BF4 at 900p/720p on lesser detail, several other games just barely clearing the bar for framerate performance at true HD resolution, etc. They need to stop kidding people about all that.

People here are correct about one thing- you buy a console for exclusives and to play with your friends, so the comparison isn't really worth all the chest-puffing. In a year I'll have a PS4 just like most of you, and so will my friends. So, does it matter what you're playing on? Nope.

TAURUS-5551484d ago

PC games cant compare to the PS4, all the fun and everything runs smoothly.

try to play any FIFA game on a PC...its a nightmare.

solidt121484d ago

PC = No Uncharted, No Infamous, No The Last of Us, No Playstation Exclusives period.

webeblazing1484d ago

don't pc have exclusives? y do yall say this everytime

awi59511484d ago

The cpu is a fail spend 100 bucks and get a quad core.

Sony3601484d ago

It wasn't about running the same games, and the PC has plenty of its own exclusives as well.

You couldn't put one together from scratch, but you could upgrade a current rig to be better than a Ps4 for that much money.

kingduqc1484d ago

I think console gamer miss the part where for every exclusive there is on a console there is literally 15 others on pc. PC's library is around 21k games. Ps2 did around 2000 and ps3 still didn't break 1000 games.

To me it's about getting the best experience you can, not about money you spend on hardware, That's why I game on pc. I think you guys also underestimate how much you actually save on games, you gould get a 1500$ pc today and in 7 year you'd save more money then getting the ps4 and the same games + online. But you got a better experience and more options.

tawak1484d ago

its doesnt even have cd drive , let alone a blu ray drive + moouse and keyboard + OS , thats like another $100 to $200

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Yep1485d ago

Sigh... This article is asking for trouble.

No, you cannot build a PC for a cheaper price than the PS4 for several key reasons.

1. Free Online + Best Online Structure (PS4 would cost more if you didn't have to pay a subscription fee for PSN)

2. The PS4, while it's games look fine, cannot run current gen games like Crysis 3 on ultra settings and will probably never be able to run a game as well as PC.

3. PC isn't only a media and games device, but that's a whole topic for itself.

4. PS4 can never be portable.

I might as well stop here. Look, PS4 is a technically decent console, but lets not tick off the master race.

zeal0us1485d ago

You can build a PC for cheaper price than the PS4. It just the PC will be utter crap.

Yep1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

What's hilarious is that you just called your beloved PS4 hardware utter crap.

They don't even sell parts as old as the PS4 hardware anymore so no, you can't build a reasonably priced $400 PC. You'd have to ask for the parts to be specifically manufactured.

zeal0us1485d ago


Where did I state the PS4 hardware was crap? I was saying the PC you build for under $400 would be utter crap not the PS4.

2pacalypsenow1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

@Acesonnall console games are much more optimized than PC games thats why you can have great looking games with 2013 standards on 2005 technology you can do that on PC

And your right cuz those parts are made exclusively for Ps4

2k14 on Ps4 has better lifelike graphics than any Pc game without Modding i have ever seen

awi59511484d ago

NO the pc wouldnt be crap if you spend 120 dollars on a cpu that computer would be fine. And newegg has inflated prices and they charge you sales tax thats why i avoid them.

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Holeran1485d ago

". The PS4, while it's games look fine, cannot run current gen games like Crysis 3 on ultra settings and will probably never be able to run a game as well as PC."

How would Crysis 3 on ultra settings play like on a $399 custom built computer?

Ravenor1485d ago

Poorly, and that's the thing most people forget when this topic comes up.

Also Crysis 3 built from the ground up for a PS4 or Xbox One would definitely look comparable to Crysis 3 on the PC version. He's clearly delusional or has his head up his backside...maybe both.

Mac4201485d ago

The Vita an Gaikia will be changing that very soon. US would probably be the last place to ever get a feature like that tho. Average internet speed is horrible an free wifi is a joke in this country..

wsoutlaw871485d ago

"The U.S. now has the ninth-fastest average Internet connection speed in the world, behind South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Latvia, the Czech Republic and Sweden." http://www.huffingtonpost.c...
US definitely isnt the fastest but wouldnt be last at all.

mabreu1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

Funny how the "master race" talks about hardware specs, modding, and free online but cry when GTA V doesn't come to there beloved PC until months later, or never.

No matter how you spin it, Crysis 3 is an "OK" game at best, even if you can run it at ultra settings at 4K resolution and 2 billion frames per second.

You may be the "master race" but your vastly becoming extinct by the popular markets of console's and tablets. You need proof, here you go:

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jay21485d ago

My PC cost about £1600 UK money more than PS4, it can do everything and does very well and the Dual shock 4 works on it.......But I don't have the first party games for it.

JasonKCK1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

I'm a PC gamer, I build my own rigs, but I can say "no" you can't build a PC better than a PS4 or X1 for $400. I would say $600 is more realistic for a PC. In about 3 years, but not now. The card alone is half that cost.