Xbox One Voice Commands Are Region Locked

Angie Santiago reports from SpawnFirst: "Albert Penello has confirmed on NeoGAF that voice commands are region locked on consoles. Those who were hoping to import a console from another region may want to rethink that if they want to use voice commands in a specific language. If someone from another region imports a North American Xbox One and isn’t fluent in English will be missing out on the voice commands feature."

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badboy7761853d ago

My Wallet is Locked too Micro$oft.

GTgamer1853d ago

Region locked Voice command are you serious out of everthing that has been region locked in the past this is just stupid.

bessy671853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

Mountains out of molehills...

mr-phillips1853d ago

Importing my ps4 next year then.

Summons751853d ago

Region locking in this day and age.....WHAT AN OUTRAGE!!!! *flips table*

Like it will really make or break someone for not being able to say something in a different english (or whatever your countries language is)

stuna11853d ago

why people are getting up in arms over, is the fact that just like region locked games not being able to be imported, neither will Xbox1's be able to be imported.

Actually this brings up more questions!? Since every Xbox1 comes with a Kinects will they somehow be tethered to the system that they were shipped with? What actions need to be taken in the event your Kinects stops working!? And the biggest question of all why hasn't there been any word of selling replacement Kinects units in the event something goes wrong with the one you have!?

Does this in the least bit raise eyebrows?

Naga1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

I see this is a temporary software issue, as opposed to a hardware issue. This seems more like a software package issue that will likely be addressed in later downloadable options, unlike the PS4, whose Blu-Ray players are region-locked, and will remain that way. I can easily see them offering language packs once the Kinect is available in all regions (if not before).

As for your concern about replacement Kinects, there are two obvious reasons they haven't been talking about this. First, talking about potentially broken Kinects serves only to instill fear and concern in the minds of potential buyers as to the reliability of the product they are selling. It's unfounded and need not be addressed preemptively. Second, they likely have no intention of publicly selling replacement stand-alone Kinects. Since they are bloody expensive and already come with every console, they will likely treat them on a case-by-case basis rather than unnecessarily saturate the marketplace with superfluous hardware.

OrangePowerz1853d ago

Shouldn`t make a difference by now as most features don`t work anyway outside of the US like most of the TV stuff.

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The story is too old to be commented.