The Amazing Spider Man on the PS Vita(unboxing and gameplay video)

The late console port of the amazing spiderman is now available for the PS Vita.This open world adventure released over a year ago along with the mediocre movie,so Activision's desicion for a vita version is odd

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CocoWolfie1827d ago

doesnt look half bad :') i wouldnt complain that this is added to vitas collection :p

GuruStarr781827d ago

Looks like fun.. surprised that Gamefly doesn't stock it, though... really don't want to spend $40 plus tax on this.. I'll wait for a sale or a preowned copy to hit gamestop.

Soldierone1827d ago

I saw this today and went "why the hell do I not have 40 dollars!!!" haha

Scatpants1827d ago

this looks like a good one to get off of playstation plus in 3 months

despair1827d ago

I want this but with strangers wrath and soul sacrifice on ps+ this month and tearaway so close, I doubt I would have time to play it until next year.

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