Pinball Arcade (PS4) IGN Review

The PC version of Pinball Arcade looks good, but the PS4 looks downright stunning with nearly photo-realistic detail and flawless frame rate. The ball physics, flipper strength, and even plunger mechanics are exactly how you’d remember them from the arcades.
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amnalehu1827d ago

Looking forward to this!

PoSTedUP1827d ago

ughhh, i MUST have this. looks better than on PC?? wow damn, gimme some T2 and theatre of magic and my life is Complete. they do such a great job, man. hope to see the adams family in the future but i like most of the tables they recreate. gonna go play right now wishing it was the ps4 version! : D

V0LT1827d ago

There is a DX11 patch for it on the PC coming soon. The PS4 will already have this improvement when it launches.

theXtReMe11827d ago

Awesome! Looks incredible. Do we get this free, if we bought it for the Vita?

PoSTedUP1827d ago

good question. depends if sony does crossbuy with this one to the ps4. i can honestly say no tho, i dont think so. i got it on the vita too, and wouldnt mind buying it again for ps4 (as much of a sucker i sound like) i see them charging for it again idky. i dont think they should tho.

add me: StreetVeteran1. we can try n beat eachothers scores n whatnot :D.

theXtReMe11826d ago

Ill definitely add you. Im always up for some old school competition.

grashopper1827d ago

Sadly no. FarSight confirmed no cross buy for the ps4.

theXtReMe11826d ago

Thanks for the info. I guess Im glad i didnt buy a bunch of tables for the Vita version then. This looks like the definitive version. I cant wait to play it. Im wondering if it will still have the ability to turn the screen vertically, for vita remote play, to see more of the table.