Sony Offers Immediate Exchange For Defective PlayStation 4 Units

As we hear Sony estimates hardware failures at 0.4 percent. Now Sony is offering expedited shipping for broken PlayStation 4 consoles units, including those with the blinking blue light and black screen.

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GribbleGrunger1826d ago

Great news for any of the 0.4% of people that were unlucky enough to get a faulty unit.

gamesR4fun1826d ago

you'd think it was 100% fail rate by the articles on n4g since the release

great to see sony on the ball with this

xHeavYx1826d ago

Just wait till those people who never bought a PS4 complaint that their never received new unit is also defective

Abriael1826d ago

Not from ALL the articles. *coughs*

AngryTypingGuy1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

It's reasons like this why Sony rocks. Coming from a person who had to send in his 360 twice (once for a faulty disc drive, and once because my graphics card went bad) only to later have to replace it because it red ringed when out of warranty, it's nice to know that Sony isn't putting their fingers in their ears and their hands over their eyes with faulty units. And it's very nice to know they won't keep you waiting for over half a month!

cleft51825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

I have a slightly defective ps4 and I can confirm that this is the case. They are sending me out a box to ship it back to them and said that they will overnight me an exchange unit once they receive my ps4. I am not really upset, after all this sort of thing is expected at the launch of a console.

If anything, the Foxconn situation irks me a lot more. I understand why Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, etc does business with them, but clearly the company is just shady as hell.

thereapersson1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )


Exactly, I was worried that Sony would figure they were within the tolerance of failure and would take their sweet time getting a solution implemented, replacing the systems in a less-than-timely manner. This is great news to hear and really proves a point that Sony is trying ever so hard to prove they are working for the gamer this generation.

shoddy1825d ago

You mean they don't have to send the system in and wait for 3 months?

smashcrashbash1825d ago

People this gen have a tendency to exaggerate.Even if it was 0.01% they would find some way to make it seem worse.I wonder if they will make as big a deal if the Xbox One fail rate is the same or higher? Because if it is you can guarantee that gamers won't let it slide after the big stink people made about then PS4's failure rate and what happened with the 360.

NAG1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

Found this comment from "PonySeeU" regarding the failure rate (that is now closer to 1%) here on engadget...

"Failure rate:

Xbox 360 23.7% (Excluding RROD 11.7%)
PS3 10%
Wii 2.7%

Xbox 360 1.19% (Without RROD 0.59%)
PS3 0.57%
Wii 0.31%

Source: [SquareTrade](

1% failure rate is a serious problem if it happens within 24 hours."


HammadTheBeast1825d ago


Offering $50.

abzdine1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

It's all about them future proof features.
And yeah, felt to me like it was 0,4% of PS4s actually working..
Lots of garbage articles

XB1_PS41825d ago

Wait til Friday, this place is going to have RROD post so many times. lol

BattleTorn1825d ago


I've taken the exact opposite impression. If there were thousands of broken units, N4G would be way more swamped.

HiddenMission1825d ago


Please learn to read before commenting less than 1% could be .01% all the way to .99%...that's called a range. The Sony rep and even Engadget say "less than 1%" that means it's not's still probably around .04% or .4% can't remember which one Sony that it was.

UltimateMaster1825d ago

Anyone who buys any piece of electronics are entitled to 1-year warranty by law.
That goes for Xbox One as well.
So you don't have to worry.

DragonKnight1825d ago

@NAG: You didn't bother reading the replies to that comment did you?

NAG1825d ago


It’s best YOU learn to read!

"With less than 1 percent of shipped systems affected by these problems (up from 0.4 percent in a previous claim)...”

"Previous claim" was prelaunch… Many are having issues and they are real issues but it doesn't include those people buying PS4’s, turning right around and selling on eBay or wherever. It doesn't include those people giving as gifts that won't know the fate of their system until late December. If problems, these won't trickle in until the next month or so.

Looking at the numbers I pasted from engadget is interesting none the less. We'll just have to sit tight and wait to see what happens first of the year.

Let's hope it doesn't grow to RROD levels of failure.

DragonKnight1825d ago

NAG, those numbers are bullsh*t and the intent with which you are using them is to do nothing but sensationalize and overblow non-issues.

C-H-E-F1825d ago

That's because these articles are posting the same stories, but because they are from different sites they get approved. Which is a WHYYYYY we already know this moment... smh N4G mods

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Moncole1826d ago

Do you actually believe its .4%? Sony just gave a number and its probably not true because we dont know what the failure rate is because not everyone post about their bricked console, it can be higher or lower than .4%. Just because Sony said it doesn't mean its true.

dieforgame1826d ago

Agree with that. But I don't think they have to lie. :)

neocores1825d ago

Not to long ago sony said it was below 1% sooo Yeh goodjob trying to troll:D

smashcrashbash1825d ago

It is true unless you or someone else can prove otherwise.We can only take their word for it.Besides it was okay when gamers believed that the Xbox 360 fail rate was low and no one seemed to mind that.What, is Microsoft's lies better then Sony's or something?

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Death1825d ago

At 1% that would be 10,000 defective consoles at launch if they sold 1 million. The warranty last for 1 year. This gives roughly 360 more days to see how many more fail to determine failure rate. Sony will never gives this information out.

The 1% Sony has given applies to consoles broken within the first couple days. That is not a good number this soon. At the end of one year it would be fantastic. At the beginning it's not typical. The industry norm is 4-7% within the warranty period.

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dieforgame1826d ago

0.4% is not a big deal. Feel bad for those that got defects, but good to see Sony resolve it.

BattleTorn1825d ago

I've heard that the best immediate action is to take ones defective PS4 into the neareset Sony store, regardless of where you bought it.

ZBlacktt1826d ago

Awesome! I've been checking everyday on my site and this whole Amazon thing is very odd. So many people have gotten their console from Amazon and have zero issues.

Eddie201011825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

That's where I got mine. Runs perfectly. It's a great machine.

Destrania1825d ago

Got mine from Amazon as well. No issues to report. Loving the heck out of it!

cell9891826d ago

thtas what I like, Sony sees a problem and bam!!! they handle it asap!

Belking1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

Well that's what they are supposed to do. You pay for a product, you should get it in working condition. Its called service. What were they gonna do? Say no?

DigitalRaptor1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

They could deny that there is a problem again and again and blame the consumer for their production faults, until a lawsuit finds itself close to their doorstep. But looks like they are better than that.

I wonder which company would do that though...

cell9891825d ago

remember the faulty 360 consoles and how Microsoft denied it for months till it was blatantly obvious and law suits started rolling?

MidnytRain1825d ago

Didn't PSN go offline for an entire month a couple of years ago?

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