CoD: Ghosts is PS4's New Bestseller, Reminds Gamers of PS3

Pixeled Courier writes: "The moment PlayStation gamers have been waiting for is upon us: The first PlayStation 4 sales numbers from VGchartz are finally in, and in addition to confirming the record-breaking launch of Sony's new and mean machine, it brands Call of Duty: Ghosts as the most-selling PS4 game after the console's first couple of days on the shelves."


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neocores1848d ago

All the games sold for ps4 were all almost equally divided unlike Xbox where cod is the system seller

Corpser1848d ago

1 million ps4 sold and 700,000 cod ghost sold? This game is a ps4 system seller

No other ps4 game sold more than 400,000

GraveLord1848d ago

It'll be similar on Xbox One. It's just that people will buy COD but nothing else. I expect Xbox One to have a much lower attach ratio for games.

Forza/Ryse/Dead Rising will all flop and will be outsold by COD/BF/AC.

neocores1848d ago

Last time i check Cod ghost at 460k and killzone and battlefiled for had around 350k it had 700k on xbone if thats what ur saying

Lowsnamebrand1847d ago

I can't say much I bought it for my girl...I got Killzone for myself though