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Improvements Nintendo's Online Network Needs - NintendoEnthusiast

Nintendo may be slowly bettering their online services, but what else do they need to improve? (3DS, Miiverse, Nintendo, Nintendo, Virtual Console, Wii U)

LOL_WUT  +   148d ago
Great read come on guys speak up! My complaints are getting a notification when a friend goes online, when you receive a message, when someone comments on your miiverse post, friend request, being able to post pictures and YouTube videos.

With the VC it's a love and hate thing I'm enjoying the retro games but I often find myself looking towards a next release only to be disappointed because it's pong or tennis. Is it too much to release 3 at a time?

The friends list... I don't know why it even runs like an app but it's annoying they need to implement it better also have the ability to join a friend and add cross game chat. ;)
Theyellowflash30  +   148d ago
Nintendo already knows all this dude. Everybody has been writing and talking about the issues for a while now. I think your suggestions will come mid 2014.

The next major update combines balances and adds Miiverse to 3DS
bobsmith  +   148d ago
All I wants voice chat for the new mario kart 8 and super smash
Metallox  +   148d ago
There are a lot of thing they can do with Miiverse. Right now, for me, it feels more like an average forum.
Chrono  +   148d ago
Nintendo's family friendliness is preventing it from advancing.
tweet75  +   148d ago
Simply being able to play games i bought digital in another system if mine breaks
Acesonnall  +   148d ago
Speak up people. More to the point, tell the truth.

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