Valve-Developed VR Prototype Expected at Steam Dev Days Conference

Maximum PC: Steam Dev Days is a recently announced, two-day developer only conference where devs can meet “in a relaxed, off the record environment.” At the January 2014 conference, Valve will give attendees the opportunity to go hands-on with Steam OS, prototype Steam Machines, and Steam Controllers. They’ll also have the opportunity to get a first look at Valve’s prototype VR hardware.

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mattdillahunty1849d ago

these are the types of things i mean when i say we should be looking out for real next gen experiences. something like a VR headset or Oculus Rift could fundamentally change the way we play and interact with games. and i'm sure there are other ways out there yet to be discovered.

nukeitall1849d ago

Combine VR with Kinect One and you likely won't even need a contrller!

ATiElite1849d ago

....and out of no where Valve hits us with a VR headset.

So we will have Half Life 3 in VR! Gonna make Headcrabs a WHOLE lot more scarier!

I can see myself attacked by a headcrab and running around my living room shaking my head and breaking stuff.

FlyingFoxy1849d ago

I personally found the poison zombie and fast zombie to be a lot more scary than the headcrabs, probably due to the disturbing noises they make.

xJumpManx1849d ago

I have been wanting a pair of glasses/goggles for gaming forever. Not sure why even just a normal led display in pair of glasses has never gotten main stream. As a 30+ year old gamer my eyes will thank you for it.

kingduqc1849d ago

Because it mush be really fast, resolution must be really high and cost must be relatively low for ti to work. Only now with smartphones screen tech it can work. 1080p is just way too low for a 6-7inch screen on your eyes. I've tried oculus 1080p version and it need like 4k red to be great experience really unless you like to count pixels.

FlyingFoxy1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Yeah but that presents a huge problem, today you need a mid/high end gfx card to get nice fps @ 1080p.

Don't forget Oculus is rendering twice, stereoscopic 3D right? That would make 4k practically unplayable. 4k without 3D already struggles to maintain a lowly 20-30fps looking at benchmarks.

Hassassin1849d ago

I'm buying Oculus Rift. They deserve the support.