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From the review, "Gaming is an expensive hobby. New console games average price is $59.99 each, and you can’t even look at a new console unless you’re willing to invest $200. A $399.99 investment in a PS4 is a leap of faith on the part of the consumer. After all, there are only 23 launch games, most of which are also available on other platforms, and there’s always the stigma that day-one adopters fill a role as guinea pigs.

Yet, after five days spending every free moment with the PS4, [Jenni Lada] can’t help but feel the system is worth it."

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Plasticgearsolid1849d ago

I agree it isn't a perfect purchase at the moment but it is a good investment for the future

xavierbigdaddy19721849d ago

I agree, its not perfect, but the investments are worth it

MasterCornholio1849d ago

Its a good investment and despite what some people say there are good games to play on the system.

Pintheshadows1849d ago

For sure. I think a lot of people forget how dry most launches are. With the PS4 and XB1 you get plenty to keep yourself occupied until 2014 which is full of awesome looking titles.

HighResHero1849d ago

An investment in excellence is an investment in greatness.

Wh15ky1849d ago

Why is buying it now a good investment for the future?

In the future it will be available in abundance and it will be cheaper.

LOGICWINS1849d ago

Its a good investment now and it will be an even better investment in the years to come.

mike32UK1849d ago

Because early adopter sales tend to drive general sales and that in turn increases the likelihood of fantastic AAA titles

Wh15ky1849d ago

Good answer. It's just as well, that for people like me, these early adopters exist.

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