Sony updates PS4 failure rate numbers to less than 1%.

Engadget: Sony believes there "isn't a singular problem" at fault that would affect a large number of PS4 systems. The failure rate is also relatively small, according to a Sony representative. With less than 1 percent of shipped systems affected by these problems (up from 0.4 percent in a previous claim), the number of broken systems is reportedly within the "expected range" for a product launch.


Similar story at but with a bit more information.

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dedicatedtogamers1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

...which is well within normal electronics failure range, ESPECIALLY for a newly-launched piece of hardware. Which is what most rational people were saying. My condolences for those whose systems broke, but that's the risk of being on the cutting edge.

Much ado about nothing.

black0o1827d ago

0.4 < 1

correct me if I'm wrong

Stick891827d ago

You are correct but the 0.4 was on the pre-launch consoles specifically. Everyone was waiting for launch to see if the number spiked at all I believe.

abzdine1827d ago

for info, 360 failure rate at launch was 16% and PS3 3%.
PS4 does amazing job but haters will always try to talk bad about it

KUV19771827d ago

Yeah, plus they were saying 'below 1%' which could still be 0.4%.

CryofSilence1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

Actually, their exact phrasing is less than 1%, so something like.... .4% = <1%. Blah, doesn't really work. Perhaps we could make a calculus limit equation. ;)

Their statement hasn't fundamentally changed, so it could be anywhere between .4 and less than 1, which is actually phenomenal in the electronics world.

porkChop1827d ago


"for info, 360 failure rate at launch was 16% and PS3 3%"

That's not entirely accurate. The launch batch of 360's had a 68% failure rate, and the 360 maintained a 30%+ failure rate until the Slim model which reduced the failure rate to somewhere around 15%.

frostypants1827d ago

@PorkChop, the ultimate failure rate of those launch 360s was 68%, but most of those weren't day one failures. I think that's where he got the 16%.

shoddy1827d ago

Yet the US media freak out on 1%

Volkama1827d ago

The launch 360s are infamous for their failure rate, but I wonder what the figure for that console was after only a few days?

Fingers crossed neither console has any catastrophic failure like the 360 did, and fingers even more crossed that the respective customer service departments look after people that do have a faulting unit well.

nukeitall1827d ago

The numbers are already creeping up.

1% failure out of the box is pretty darn high out of the box. That is 1 out of a hundred consoles has problem when you open the box. DoA!

That number is only going to increase as time goes by.

Gamingcapacity1827d ago

@Nuke. This is pretty normal for eletronics. We live in an era that anybody can be vocal about problems via the internet.

The same exact situation will happen with the X1 launch. Hundreds of people will report problems (because it's easy to be heard on the net) and will look bad but in reality it's normal and only affects a small percentage.

Autodidactdystopia1827d ago

So am I the only one wondering, why they wouldn't just lie about that... ?

Unless they are required to report all their broken systems to some broken system control company, I don't see the validity at all of sony coming out and saying anything, they could just as easily came out and said 7% and no one would have any way of telling if that was the truth..

KillrateOmega1827d ago


Oh, give a rest. 1% is well within the normal failure range for an electronic device.

Just watch. The day that the Xbox One launches there will be overblown reports of failures, just like with the PS4.

MysticStrummer1827d ago

"1% failure out of the box is pretty darn high out of the box."


It isn't.



It's less than 1% (i.e. not 1%) compromised of multiple issues, not just DOA consoles... If you gonna comment at least read the little introduction on N4G if you are so hell bent on not reading the article.

Also I would love to see the sources you are using to say 1% DOA is high or low... I don't see much of those anywhere else.

Oh, and on the numbers only going to get higher, what are you? Patcher on desguise? Captain Obvious? Of course they are going up, launch consoles had not faced barelly any stress yet and 1% is too freaking low failure rate for a electronic anyway.


Last I checked 0.4% was still fitting to "less than 1%" and Sony never said "hey it will never pass .4% fail rate" (I don't think they have time machines, you know)... Just that it was the observed/expected rate of faulty consoles expected out of assembly at the time the statement was made. So how they lied?

Now, if you want to go through the whole argument about how far can we trust companies' released numbers and info, that's on you... I'm sure it will spawn as soon as companies start to report sales regularly on next gen consoles anyway, so you might as well get a headstart on the crap throwing contest and complete ignore the fact that those companies have shareholders which could create a problem if lied to, not mention they could be held accountable for lies easy enough to fact check with a statistical reseach.

JeffGUNZ1826d ago

@ Porkchop.

What a load of crap. The slim is not 15% failure rate...The slim and PS3 slim are comparable in failure rate. Do some research before posting. This took me 15 seconds to dispute your BS figures.

PX541826d ago


That's not what he's saying - he's averaging the failure rate of the entire 360 range from the initial failure rate through to and including the slim failure rate.

LOL_WUT1826d ago

Funny how everyone was basing it off after some amazon reviews lol ;)

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LackTrue4K1827d ago

"You can't be on the cutting edge of technology, and not expect to get cut"

MizTv1827d ago

Loved it
Bubble for you

Bigpappy1827d ago

The problem here is, people are sticking there heads in the sand and yelling at others for not doing the same.
When all the reports were pouring in, some were pointing out that it is much bigger than Sony is letting on (.04% is what I was hearing). Now we move from 0.04 to 1% in a couple days. That is about 30 time what was first claimed. Lets see if this diminishes or increases by weeks end. I think it will go higher, since that's the way faults show up. They don't all fail at the same time.

Pixel_Enemy1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

It was 0.4 not 0.04 and .4 times 30 is 12% not 1%

BarneyS1827d ago

You got your numbers wrong. It wasn't 0.04%, it was 0.4% (that's four for every thousand). Now they say less than 1% (same comparison: ten for every thousand or less), so no it's not 30 times higher.

Kryptix1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago ) "hope" that it will get higher. Just let it go, man. Though Playstation is my current preference, I also hope the Xbox One doesn't fail for the people buying it. We have our differences and our opinions on both, but at the end of the day, we're still console gamers.

MRMagoo1231827d ago

You would think this so called bigpappy that is meant to be a mature aged adult would act more like on instead of a whiny child wanting everyones toys to break so he can feel happier that he is getting the inferior product.

MysticStrummer1827d ago

The problem is, some people are both exaggerating the problem and hoping for it to get worse.

Sad, but not unexpected from the XB crowd.

The number could reach 1% and then triple, and it would still mean that PS4 is a well made product.

Bigpappy1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

@MRMagoo: I don't what your toys to break. But when they do I will show them to you and let you know that its broken and needs to be fixed or replaced. Not hide it under the bed and tell you the dog ate it.

The point is not to rub peoples faces in this for fanboy laughs, but to see people try and blindly dismiss their fellow gamers getting broken consoles because they are so vested in a large corporation is rather sickening.

When peoples 360's red ring, I did not deny it and say it was some made up story because mine still worked. But that's what I keep getting here from your crowd. It is really sick on your side of the fence. But you can't see that .

Clean your house before telling me that my windows aren't shinny enough.

Kryptix1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )



"I don't what your toys to break. But when they do I will show them to you and let you know that its broken and needs to be fixed or replaced. Not hide it under the bed and tell you the dog ate it."

Is Sony aware of the problem and sending replacement boxes? Yes.

From article in link:
"Sony support, after determining that the PlayStation 4 is needed to be sent back to Sony, promised customers that they will sending customers a ship box or a ‘return box’ or ‘replacement box’ so that the customers can ship their console free of charge to Sony for the replacement."

You must have selective reading or something.

Mr_cheese1826d ago


Your attitude is terrible, and reflects directly to last gen where some people went through 3 xboxs due to RROD, but still continued to buy the system. Is this what you mean by ignoring the fault?

Your windows maybe shiny but your eyes need a test...

GrandTheftZamboni1826d ago

According to math Bigpappy learned at school, 720 > 1080.

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BallsEye1827d ago

I call the number BS, just check out playstation forums, amazon, gamestop and the fact that even plenty of reviewers were affected.

Brix901827d ago

And those forums and potential trolls account for how much of North America's buyers?

Minato-Namikaze1827d ago

Do you know what 1% of 1 million is?

mechlord1827d ago

Another one for you:

I have an account on Amazon, here, PSLS, gamefaqs, gamestop(obviously), facebook, twitter, Playstation forums, gaf and a gazzillion other sites.

If i had a troubled console, do you really think i would try to get help in just one of those places?

lesson to be learnt: those complaint were mostly made by the same people, so the actual number is fewer....and you have to count out the xbots that made up stories just to make the ps4 look bad. (yes, there are such people)

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JeffGUNZ1826d ago

I still think it's way to premature to spout out numbers. It just makes you look bad when you do that. After a year or so we should actually have accurate numbers.

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PoSTedUP1827d ago

thats actually really good, i was expecting more.

Abriael1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

Which is not really an update. Just a less precise estimate, probably because there are a lot more systems around and a precise statistic is harder to pinpoint. 0.4% = less than 1%

frostypants1827d ago

It's all probably overblown. But I'm still gonna wait a few weeks for the dust to settle. Not that I have much of a choice anyway...

Doghead1827d ago

Lets wait for the one to launch

Volkama1827d ago

This mentality is all wrong. There is nothing to gain from watching either console fail.

Unless it belongs to one of the worst kinds of fanboys, in which case I suppose it could be quite amusing :)

Brix901827d ago


MysticStrummer1827d ago

@Brix - Green wouldn't admit it anyway.

Hicken1827d ago

I don't think it's really anything to do with wanting the XB1 to fail.

Rather, I think it's "let's wait and see how all these Xbox fanboys react to their system sharing a similar or worse rate of failures."

Many will flat out deny that there's a problem at all(a la 7th generation Microsoft). And even if the percentage is EXACTLY the same, some will try to say the XB1 is better.

I don't particularly want to see anybody's system fail, but I AM eager to see what sort of comments these Xbox fanboys make, the excuses they come up with.