Exponential Decay, Penny Arcade PS4 v Xbone opinion.

The Xbox One has an incredibly complex challenge before it; arriving a week late, even full feature parity is insufficient to seize momentum. The Playstation 4 is like an Xbox 360 with better graphics; they devoured their foe, and gained his power thereby. I always wondered what it would have been like to be on Alderaan while hot, green beams coalesced overhead, and I suspect that in Redmond they know.

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Godmars2901791d ago

Really need to be seeing articles like this in a week, a month, if not especially a year from now. When both systems have been out, and their much over-hyped features and services are also up and running.

Asking or declaring one to be better than the other when both are effectively launching crippled is just beyond me.

Do most people really lack any basic level of patience? Why is it that the industry itself only promotes such a need for instant gratification when it too many companies prove that they can't deliver on it?

MysticStrummer1789d ago

A week's difference in release time is nothing.