Playstation 4 system hints, tips and tricks

Inquisitive gamers have found various hints, tips and tricks relating to their usage of the actual PS4 console itself, many of which appear not to be documented.

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SpinalRemains1381828d ago

Remember though, you cannot suspend more than 1 game at a time.

Who the hell plays 3 games simultaneously? Even an ADD freak wouldn't do that.

Thx for the tips!

PSnation41828d ago

i have ADD.. :-( im no freak

Honest_gamer1828d ago

i downloaded the 1.50 update from the .com website will that work on the uk ps4? this is such a stupid question but still lol, dont want ps4 to take ages downlaoding it etc on launch day here so thought hey jsut put it on a pen drive.

Lowsnamebrand1828d ago

If you downloaded it from Sony's website, there will be a tutorial on how to install it, its pretty fail proof just remember everything has to be in caps

fOrlOnhOpe571828d ago

Dear Lord....will the 29th ever come!

V0LT1828d ago

Have I not really looked hard enough or can you not change any of the backgrounds, colors yet?

GHOSTxx4201828d ago

I wanna change my background, can I do that?