Xbox One Dev Explain Complications Of Using Two Xbox Ones In Same Room

Have you ever thought what are the complication of using two Xbox One console in same room?. A similar question was asked by user on Reddit and a detail reply came from a confirmed XboxOneDev.

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MasterCornholio1851d ago

Especially with two kinects.


Person 1 : OK I'm done Xbox Off

Person 2: Nooooo I was about to finish the final boss.

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Jdoki1851d ago

One thing that I was wondering... If an XB1 owner pipes voice over external speakers (rather than through headset) could someone they are playing against troll them by shouting XBox Off?

sYRes1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

You might want to ponder on what you just said, Seeing as you are missing in your thought process one problematic issue that you will have.

Smootherkuzz1851d ago

Did this same question come about for the first kinect? If so what was the Fix? I would not even try to use 2 the same time in the same space. It would be kool in some games If u had 12 people playing in your room at once. That versión of kinect is maybe generation after next. Lol