We’re all on stage: The ease of streaming on the PlayStation 4 could be a game-changer

It’s one thing to know that the PlayStation 4 supports streaming out of the box, but it’s quite another to get a sense for just how easy it is to use. You link your account at Twitch or UStream, hit the “Share” button, choose which service you’d like to use, and there you go. You’re live in front of however many people are interested in seeing you play whatever game you’re playing.

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Lord_Sloth1791d ago

I'm absolutely loving the Livestream feature! If a game comes out that I'm unsure of then I can just find a livestream to check it out! That and I love to talk and answer questions/make tutorials.

Mr_cheese1790d ago

It is a fantastic feature, really adds a new dimension to the system. Question though, can we edit footage or is it all raw uploads?

amiga-man1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

(quote from the article) I didn’t have my microphone hooked up so I couldn’t interact, but the viewers sent me questions, they gave me tips on how to better my play, and they collectively cheered when I beat the boss.

That’s it. I’m hooked.

This really is the next step in social interaction,easy to use and fun.

FamilyGuy1790d ago

This feature, announced way back at the initial February reveal, was a huge deal to me. They made it seem so easy and great then the console comes out and it's everything I expected. Watching games is the best form of advertisement for the games and it's entertaining as well. Couple that with the ability to easily chat with the broadcaster of have a friend easily show you a game upon request and "game changer" doesn't begin t cover it.

I LOVE this feature, it's a true step above the party chat of last gen. Now we can actually watch while a friend plays a game and chat about it.
It really is a more social and connected gaming device than ever.

ElementX1790d ago

I've never watched streamed gaming and I have no interest. It's just going to flood the internet with every Tom, Dick, and Harry streaming and using bandwidth.

neocores1790d ago

Lol i laugh at what you said....

ElementX1790d ago

Why? Add millions more users potentially streaming and some ISPs may have to cap bandwidth or you'll find reduced speeds.

MasterCornholio1790d ago

Your pretty much a minority here. If you think that people dont care about streaming guess again. Just go to Ustream or Twitch and you will see many people streaming games from their PS4.

Consumers win you lose.

Nexus 7 2013

Stick891790d ago

I'm not exactly sure why, but I read this in "drunk" Malory Archer's voice.

DA_SHREDDER1790d ago

they need to allow voice recording in short gaming clips.

neocores1790d ago

They do lol it even ask if u want to add voice to ur clip lol

DA_SHREDDER1790d ago

i finally found it, thanks smart ass

dadz1790d ago

Loving the streaming, hard to get views though :(

Stick891790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

Yeah, with there not being a ton of launch games, everyone is being stretched thin on viewers. Once more games come out and the streamers can diversify so will the viewers looking for a specific game.